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1Urinary Tract & Bladder Infection

2What’s the food or diet for UTI?

3What are the causes and factors of UTI?

4What are the remedies to heal UTI? 

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Urinary Tract & Bladder Infection

What’s The Food Or Diet For UTI?

There are many diets there are very many diets but diets generally have limited effect. “Sugar, butter or margarine, Fried or fast food, additives, preservatives, dyes, artificial colors, artificial flavorings, and artificial sweeteners”. There are common foods to remove from the diet during UTI but removing them will only have a minimum effect the aim is to heal UTI not to balance with diet plans. It’s best to heal instead of painful prevention. A patient should eat foods and drinks high in antioxidants, cranberries, blueberries, oranges, dark chocolate, unsweetened probiotic yogurt, tomatoes, broccoli, and spinach. This is the best food to prevent UTI.

The reason is that diets are based on outdated biological ideas. The biological idea is that we are 100 percent human. And so if we introduce certain foods. It will make our body run in a more efficient way. It’s a very linear idea. It’s a very simplistic idea. The problem with this idea is that the body is not 100 percent human. In fact, human cells are really a fraction of all cells in the body. They are nine times more bacterial cells in the body than there are human cells. The bacteria cells will adapt to what has been taken out because they need to survive. They have as much survival instinct than we do. In fact, they even have a better survival instinct than we do because they can reproduce a lot faster than we do. We reproduce about every 25 years bacteria can reproduce within hours. There are very many more viruses in the body than there are bacterial cells. And if we think also fungal matter. Those are the three if you will foreign body outside of human cells the three main categories of bacteria which is the least in quantity viral and fungal.

All three communicate with each other. And they also communicate with human cells. All four communicate and they make up the totality of function. Then you have on top of this you have also parasites. So all of this biological matter communicates this send the messages chemical messages between each other. And so now you can begin to understand that diets can only have a limited effect because when you remove some day. And I’m not saying it’s wrong to remove something but to think that you’re going to have a long-term effect is really wrongheaded. So once you remove something a food all of these five components are going to read at except for the human cells they’re going to recombine themselves so that they can survive and disease will take over again because they are all part of health and they are all part of the disease and they will keep disease happening. It’s not going to suddenly vanish.

It cannot look because there’s a matrix. All of this is held if you will see as a matrix a biological electrical matrix we can call. so diet can have an effect but not healing. It can only have an effect. Then what generally happens is you remove wheat and then the doctor will say well you know we need to remove corn you need to remove eggs you need to remove carbohydrates then you have a type of groups that not need to be removed in order to sustain this idea in order to keep this going but that’s all it is. An idea that cannot work in the long term it is impossible because really what leads to delay. To remove disease it needs access to this bioelectrical matrix of which all of this is about. That’s what needs to happen in my view that is what homeopathy does. It changes the bioelectrical matrix. It’s done it’s over. And that’s why sometimes we see very veryvery quick results because the thethe accuracy of the remedy just cuts the power and that’s it. And then it’s not so extensive it requires really a minimal amount. I like to take the example it’s a little bit silly but in the seventeen hundred, you needed a lot of candles to light up a room. If somebody at the time would have said oh all you need to do is flip a switch and you have this tiny little thing made out of the glass and it will light up people would have thought it was great to be crazy. But that is exactly what happened. Yeah, I would have said how can you replace 300 candles. How can you replace all the supplements with just one tiny little pill over homeopathic remedy? Yeah. Because it is much more efficient.

So you can try any food with homeopathic remedies. There is no specific diet for homeopathic remedies. You can be on any diet homeopathic doesn’t exclude anything but it’s just important to understand the limits of diets and why diet has its limits. It doesn’t have diets tried to manage the problem but with an accurate homeopathic remedy, you can eventually get off the diet because it’s only limited it doesn’t go deep enough diet doesn’t go deep enough to create the changes that heal disease. You can only manage the problem with a diet, not a good idea. I mean if someone has pains or if a patient really reacts to dairy and you have less reaction by removing dairy or wheat then you remove it.

What are the causes and factors of UTI?

You need to stay clean that is anonymous well evidently right but at the same time, there are plenty of people who are really not clean and never get you a UTI and people who are adamant about washing and all get UTI all the time. It’s an immune problem they get infections. There’s an opening in that bipolar biodynamic matrix that is behind the physical weakness. And that’s why some women get chronic UTI. One can keep with proper hygiene and could keep some UTI away if someone drinks cranberry juice especially unsweetened cranberry juice that way you can minimize it. But at the same time, that’s just managing it with diet. It’s called managing the problem not healing. What needs to be fixed is that biodynamic matrix that is behind a physical body that holds the physical body together that is where the indication is and that biodynamic matrix creates symptoms in the body and the body, therefore it is a language. Symptoms are a language and we don’t understand medicine tends to disregard the language does not even attempt to understand the language. You know there are some remedies that are well known I’m not going to say what they are but they are well-known for UTI. And one of them is for major burning. It makes patients so angry. So the expression of the disease is expression through the body and through the human being. One remedy has burning and reacts with extreme violence.

Sometimes there’s pain while urinating. But there are cases where there’s pain only at the end of urination. There are two different things. Medicine doesn’t pay any attention to this. But homeopathy regards with those symptoms. If you have no pain during urination and just being afterward right at the end. There are different remedies for the patient who is suffering during and afterward. Some of these patients have urged you know They hardly come out of the bathroom then they have to go right back in because this urging they feel as if they’re going to pee in their pants. You know that’s also different criminally from the other two examples. Some people have HIV. Some people don’t have a chink in the area. There are also different remedies for them. Some people would have fever some people will not have a fever again individualization. Some people will be thirsty. Some people will not be thirsty. But you go to the doctor they will tell you to drink a lot of water in order to flush it out.

What are the remedies to heal UTI?

Homeopathy concerns itself with what the symptoms are. Yes, there are remedies in homeopathy for healing UTI. It’s not possible to tell a few remedies for UTI. There are two reasons for that. It’s a great mistake going to be if I give you and we have 8000 homeopathic remedies. If I will give you a few remedies. People are going to give the three remedies altogether and then they’re going to say it didn’t help. So I tried homeopathy and it didn’t help. That is the one thing for big no. There are a thousand remedies. We have 8000 homeopathic remedies and all eight thousand remedies are a possibility every time I start a case. Then the idea of taking your case professionally is to narrow down the possibilities where which remedy to narrow down to pick a remedy that is going to have the most resonance. Selection of the right remedy depends upon the patient’s condition and symptoms. In order to reach this biological practical matrix, which remedy is going to have the most resonance that is going to break through to that matrix so that we can have a very rapid change. All eight thousand remedies and that’s why one should use a professional homeopath is to be able to as quickly as possible narrow down the possibilities and get to a healing remedy. If I gave three remedies people are going to try those three and I say homeopathy doesn’t work. And that’s just not it’s narrow and in other words you take three possibilities and then you’re done.

There’s a process to do this. There are some categories of remedies that are more that seem to come up more often than others. But at first, every all eight thousand is a possible eight thousand or more. Sure they are all possibilities and that’s why the consultation takes three hours. It’s in order to really analyze and come hopefully to do a quick change and be nervously quick. That’s one thing that is really almost incredible about autism and homeopathy as well as how quick the changes can actually happen. I’ve made many videos on this. How quick change is going to happen in such a deep disease. How rapid the change can really be phenomenal. So it’s not possible to tell. I can only give you remedy after having an idea of patient’s condition and symptoms.

So a three-hour process of asking a lot of questions about the patient not only about the behavior of the patient but even the consciousness of the patient. And a large amount of the Constitution goes back to medical history. Homeopathy introduces this new concept of medicine.

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