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(7 yr old)

• Allergies
• Night Sweats

Pierre: What brings you here to this child?
Mother: “He is aggressive. He smacks kids. He spits. He goes blind when he is upset and he can’t stop. He just goes after a kid.”

Wow, who would have thought?
“Yes, he is also very cynical. He makes noises all day long. ‘Oh, hah, yah yah yah.’ He hums all day long too. He will provoke a child when he doesn’t know him.”

Please, tell me more.
“He confronts us all the time, too. Physically, he sweats so much at night when he falls asleep that we sometimes have to change his pajamas during the night. He has allergies, his nose is stuffed and he sleeps with his mouth open.”
Please continue. Tell me more about him.
“He ignores everybody. He doesn’t respect the teacher or anybody. He just continues to do his thing. It is always a struggle to do something. He does not share his toys and yet he takes toys from other children. He gets into this rage, goes blind and just wants to hit. Last week he totally unloaded on a child. He doesn’t stop until he’s taken away no matter how big the other child is. Even when there is a new kid, he starts to provoke that kid, he pushes and kicks and then, of course, he is left on the side by himself. That is exactly what happened at the pool the other day.”

What else can you tell me about him besides his behavior? Is there anything unusual that he mentions frequently or complains about frequently?
“He is very sensitive to noises, he just doesn’t like noise. He also has a very restless sleep. There is one other thing; since he was 4 or 5 years old he feels his heartbeat, he talks to me about it all the time.”


FOLLOW UP: (1month)
Mother: “He’s been very good. The rage has totally disappeared. He is so much better. We don’t have to battle over everything, he is a lot more responsive. He was making noises before but now it is also totally gone. He is doing his homework well. At this moment we could not be any happier. Even the sweat when he falls asleep is almost gone.”

Pierre: I would really like to encourage you to keep up with the follow-ups please because we need to make sure we build on this base rather than wait for a setback.

Several months later he had a slight relapse. Considering the way he potentially is if he were to fully relapse, the parents brought him back. The remedy was repeated in the same potency and the remedy had no effects. It surprised me to no end and I practically retook the case right then and there. I could not find where I had gone wrong so I repeated the remedy again in a different potency and right away he improved and has been well since. To this day it remains a mystery as to why that happened.


This case is amazing in the amount of time a total turn around happened. Within a matter of days this child returned to being a well-behaved kid. Best of all it happened 100% naturally. This is actually a difficult situation to be in. While homeopathy can be extraordinarily fast, expecting such rapidity is not realistic.

This child’s behavior is truly out-of-bounds. Although in this case there is not much to defend, most parents give a lot of excuses for their children’s deeds and actions. As much as it is an unenviable situation for them and the child, at this point we have only general behaviors about his raging conduct rather than individualizing characteristics; there is nothing, so far, upon which I can suggest a remedy accurately.
At this point, I had asked questions for close to two hours. I had an idea of the category of remedies I should be looking into but I was quite at a loss as to what I could specifically recommend.

The two slivers of information that “he is very sensitive to noise” and “he hears his heart beat all the time” gave me enough keynotes upon which I could confidently propose a remedy. This is the old-fashioned form of analysis whereby picking what we call strange, rare and peculiar  (SRP) reveals the remedy rather than having a narrative that weaves perfectly from beginning to end to give a perfect understanding of the remedy needed. I had to fall back on a more mechanical way of figuring the remedy out.

I have also seen both parents and neither has been very diligent at keeping up regular visits which is very necessary, particularly in the first six months to a year. The better we do at the beginning the better the results for the long term are possible.

Homeopath Pierre Fontaine IS Reversing Autism!
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