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Question 1

1. What unusual behaviors, interests, obsessions, tastes, aversions, fears - does your child have?

Question 2

2. What makes your child upset or stressed and how does she react when upset?

Question 3

3. What makes her calm, what gives her joy, what is she drawn toward doing, having?

Question 4

4. What are the main physical complaints of the child, how would you describe them?

Question 5

5. Try to see life through your child's eyes. How does she/he feel inside? Consider the details --both good and bad. As a parent, you have a deep connection to your child. Pierre needs the information that you alone, as a parent, have access to. He will not need to see your child during the session.

Question 6

6. Reflect on the time of your pregnancy. How did you feel during the pregnancy? What was different during your pregnancy than at other times of your life? Was there any unusual stress, problems, issues, concerns, fears?

Question 7

7. Can you say with any degree of certainty did your child have adverse reactions to a vaccine? Please list the vaccinations in order of adverse reaction.

Question 8

8. Describe in detail the digestion of your child. Particularly the stool. Does your child test positive for any organism in the stool?

Question 9

9. Please provide Pierre with a list of medications that both parents were on prior to and during the pregnancy. The purpose of this initial session with Pierre Fontaine is to provide him with the information he needs to determine a constitutional remedy for your child. To determine that remedy requires an in-depth analysis of all aspects of the whole child: mental, emotional and physical.