Daniel Miller-

Daniel Miller

Right now I'm felling better in my life only because of Pierre. It was good experience to get treated by certified homeopath. He is a gem - Good Man with a kind
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Mike Lawrence-

Mike Lawrence

Pierre Fontaine is very friendly, knowledgeable, attentive and kind. I have taken all three of my children (ages 14, 12 and 5 month-old) for medical care. Each time I've taken them, Pierre has taken his time to listen and answer all our questions. Most doctors we've been too in the past, spent but a few minutes in our appointments. The recommendations and treatments have been great. I recommend all my family and friends to this practice. Overall, I am very happy I found Pierre
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Parth Kinariwala-

Parth Kinariwala

I must convey this to all of you that Pierre is very good homeopathy practitioner. His medicines did miracle to my acute bronchitis and migraine. I genuinely recommended all of
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Ana Geller-

Ana Geller

Thank you so much Pierre. I got my eczema cured within no time and my skin looks way much better than before because of Pierre's successful treatment of eczema. I am so glad that I took treatment from
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Emma Taylor-

Emma Taylor

Best place to get advice on homeopathy therapies & treatment by certified homeopath. Got to know a lot new concepts after consulting
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Delnaz Qureshi-

Delnaz Qureshi

Pierre Fontaine guided me in significantly improving my overall health through gradual & natural methods. After many frustrating years of unsuccessful anti-allergy medications, I am allergy free, thanks to the alternative protocols I learned at homeopathic services. Their program kick started a healthier way of eating for me and my family, which we still maintain many years later. With his help, I've learned how to treat most ailments naturally without dangerous side effects. Pierre Fontaine always make us feel welcomed and cared for. I highly recommend homeopathic services to those willing to invest in long term solutions for their health
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Ethan White-

Ethan White

My son Sean s autism is 95% gone because of Pierre Fontaine and we haven't completed the treatment Pain free NAET changed our lives Special needs class now Seans in mainstream education Vaccine injured our son disappeared on us.Pierre fontaine gave us our son back He was Seans 1st best friend and the answer to my prayers. I am forever grateful to Pierre Fontaine He can help
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Ana Greene-

Ana Greene

I was suffering from Bladder infection and Pierre suggest me to go for Homeopathic medicine and i'm really surprise with the results without any side
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Josephine Marte-

Josephine Marte

Pain relief, Wonderful Atmosphere for Relaxation during Therapy but most of the important factor is Always the individual who is Pierre Fontaine, that with his Attention, Care and involvement in the well being of his patients delivers the healthy results for
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