The Surrogacy Method to reverse Autism

Surrogacy Method to reverse Autism is the process of guiding a parent into the child and describe the experience. Surrogacy Method does not ask “what is he like?” Surrogacy asks the parent to speak in the first person as if the child were speaking. I want the parent to inhabit the child fully. It is a method that widens our options. Surrogacy is a way to circumvent the speech and language barrier to access the unspoken words. Surrogacy, generally done by the mother, I call the first witness because she was pregnant and can facilitate the access to the Universal mind where we are all connected. Alice Walker said, “Anything we love can be saved”. That is the way I approach each case. In each case, the goal is to break down the perception of oneself as separate and merge into the child. Uninhibited love is what makes the parent decide to trust the process and tell herself: “I can say anything, I can speak in the first person as if he were speaking”. I say uninhibited because it is not possible for everyone to do this. So not all cases are surrogacy cases. My journey into surrogacy happened spontaneously while taking a case. For years, I had been hitting the wall of this autism bubble so many parents of children on the spectrum speak about. One day a mom was explaining her pregnancy and once she reached the delivery she started to speak as if she were the child. Instantly, it was like the whole universe was opening above me. Actually, I saw the last scene of the movie “Gladiator” and I carefully pushed the door. It is not “natural” for people to speak of their child that way and all that came to my mind was “Wonderful, continue” and she didn’t blink an eye, it was as if the child were speaking. Simply fantastic. She gave voice to her autistic child. Coming out of it She literally wondered what had happened. This was very deep, it opened the door for me to really be able to reverse many cases that way. Surrogacy teaches us that we can never discard remedies, the exact opposite of the 20 remedies I recently read on a website. Read more about treatment for autism spectrum disorder on this link. The case below demonstrates surrogacy in a case. Pierre Fontaine RSHom CCH 268 w 120th St NY NY 10027 212 334 7360
Homeopath Pierre Fontaine IS Reversing Autism!
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