One Heart, One Mind, the Case for Healing Autism & PANDAS

One Heart, One Mind, the Case for Healing Autism & PANDASBuy on

A diagnosis of Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be startling news for any parent. Professional homeopath Pierre Fontaine CCH provides hope for a permanent—and natural—solution.

Disputing that most Autism Spectrum Disorder is not reversible, Fontaine empowers parents with the knowledge needed to seek alternative care. Through explanations of both ASD and homeopathy, he presents cases from his own practice that demonstrate how autism can be reversed when paired together.

Fontaine outlines how he looks into both the child’s history and the parents’ experience of their child in order to go beyond simply treating the symptoms of the disorder. He ultimately seeks to find what is at the core of the child’s suffering—and how parents can help.

One Heart, One Mind gives families, as well as health professionals, a fresh look at how practical solutions to autism can be discovered in a book that offers exactly what parents are seeking: Hope.



  • Saumya mishra

    My son is 5 yrs old and at the age of 2 yrs 6 months he diagnosed with autism he is completely nonverbal now pls pls help me sir

  • Nur Shah

    Where are you located/ office. And how much you charge as you don’t take any insurance.

    • Pierre Fontaine CCH

      I am located in New York and charges depend upon your treatment

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