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(Mid 30’s)

• Facial acne
• Acid reflux

Pierre: You have psoriasis? Please tell me when and where it started.
“It started like a pimple and then it grew into a blotch. It has been going on since childhood. Most likely it started on the hands. It doesn’t itch and there is not much irritation.”

OK, what else can you tell me about it?
“Not much, I have acid reflux when I eat greasy food but mainly I never took the psoriasis seriously, maybe if I go to the swimming pool I don’t feel too good for other people but for myself that’s OK, it is not contagious anyway. At first I didn’t see a doctor, it was my parents who pushed me to go see one. I always took it very casually and I ignored it but it is there. It doesn’t bother me. Anyway I don’t have time to be bothered with it.”

Well, I wonder if it doesn’t bother you why did you come to see me?
“Now it is spreading, that’s why I came to you. I feel badly for the clients I see. I see them looking at me sometimes and that’s not good because I have to explain. I don’t feel quite at ease because of that.”

Describe how it makes you feel, please.
“Something is not quite right. It is a disease after all. If I don’t take care of it, it could cover the whole body. I don’t like to take care of my body; I prefer to invest my time in something else. Having to explain it might make me miss a good relationship with someone interesting. I have to explain it to people, it is really a waste of time and I feel irritated and arrogant explaining it.   Because of that turmoil inside I may lose a relationship. I’m not in peace.”


FOLLOW UP: (3 months)
Pierre: How is the psoriasis, please?
“The patches have been smoother and not as red. They are coming out but not as much. At first I noticed the psoriasis reduce on the upper part of the body, in fact it is gone as you can see. Then about two weeks after I started the remedy, all of a sudden it started to itch on the legs. Now the itching is gone and the patches look like scars. The psoriasis used to come out in bulk but now there are only one or two small spots.”

Could you describe to me more about what has been going on, please?
“I feel less irritated. The acid reflux is much better. The scalp cleared up quite a bit as well. Inside the ear has completely cleared up.”


He comes back with some psoriasis spots coming back.


FOLLOW UP: (Phone)

“The psoriasis is clearing up. I’ll call you when it doesn’t.”


I present this case because for someone with a skin disorder he does not display the common emotional aspects. People with skin disorders generally feel quite embarrassed and want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. It is a bit like Job’s story in the Bible. If they can’t get rid of it, people go to great length to hide it.

Bill also has some pretty severe acne on his nose, which he didn’t even mention. Then he showed me his arms and his legs and there were numerous large patches of psoriasis eruption. I have seen people with far less and smaller outbreaks with much more concern than he had. That was quite interesting to me.

I asked many many questions and he truly did not care about the psoriasis. He wasn’t hiding any emotions at all nor was he avoiding my questions, in fact he was genuinely puzzled that everyone was making such a big deal out of it. The question for me was: Is he telling me the truth? How does one know whether the person is telling the truth? First, it is in the person’s interest to get better. They are not coming to waste their money. At the same time it is so unusual to not care about one’s own skin that I was puzzled by it. So I asked a lot of questions and I looked for inconsistencies. I also looked at his body language. He was very relaxed, not at all on the defensive from my probing questions.
In the end, that is all there was to it. The casualness of it is the interesting part. This case actually reflects a healthy emotional level. Chapter 3 of this book shows the different levels of PEM (Physical-Emotional-Mental). This case shows a low level of disturbance on the physical and a very low level of disturbance on the emotional and a slightly higher level on the mental.

The facial acne is gone, too.

The remedy was repeated several times and the psoriasis eventually completely cleared up.

I started again with the same remedy because he expressed similar qualities as before and it proved to be as effective. The remedy should really have been taken longer than he did but seeing the psoriasis gone, he didn’t feel there was any reason to go any further with it. The psoriasis cleared up quickly because the VF (Vital Force) on the emotional level is quite healthy. Most psoriasis cases are not like this and take much longer to clear.

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