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(Early 30’s)

• Pain, feeling heavy and sappy before my periods
• Panic attack after the loss of my mother
• Fatigue. Sleeping late but going to bed really late as well
• No discipline. I am all over the place
• It seems like I have self-destructive habits

Pierre: Please, could you tell me what brings you here?
“I think I have a healthy outlook, as far as life is concerned but I am taking care of others too much instead of me. A friend of mine told me about you and she feels so much better, I would like to know if you can do something for me. I FEEL SICK. There is a side of me that is always meditating, being positive and taking care of things but I also have this duality of being destructive, then being positive and nurturing as well.”

Please, could you tell me about the duality?
“I practice the law of attraction. I keep a vigil of my thoughts.
I have my old me with all these characteristics but I have wanted to be more powerful rather than being the victim. I have had to teach myself without much support. I did a lot of soul searching to get over negative patterns but something is getting me stuck.”

Please describe a little more.
“My heart palpitates a lot, there is something strained in my chest. When I get upset I break out in a sweat. I can’t believe the shape I am in. If you look at me I look fine but I really feel like I am messed up inside.”

Tell me about the fatigue, please.  
“I think it is a sign of weakness or sickness. There is a lack of vitality with a definite emotional component to it. I get tired easily. Every year after Christmas I get sick. My body can’t handle the stress which is why I don’t exert myself — if I do I become a basket case. Every time I have drama in my life I call in sick at work and if I work really late I get up at 2 PM.”

Describe more about the feeling of  “not able to handle it.”
“Physically I am not strong. I was sick a lot when I was young. I felt like a sulking child. I ate a lot of sugar, I was very hyperactive, I probably had ADD. I never did well in school at all. Maybe I am sick with a weak body because my mother was always stressed and never at peace. I just don’t have the energy I should have. Perhaps that’s why I come across as so laid back. I am friendly but I go into my shell as well and I have long periods of time when I don’t talk to anyone.”

Describe the feeling of not having energy a little more, please.
“I feel inadequate. It definitely bothers me and I feel like I am a burden. It gets in the way of what I want to do. I have a whole life to live but physically it doesn’t match. I feel useless and incomplete.”

Tell me about feeling incomplete, please.
“I feel trapped in this body; it doesn’t let me do the things I want to do. I am not strong enough. There is a whole world out there but I am sitting there just watching it go by. I want to be like Popeye. I love spinach. I always wanted to be strong like him. I have a thing about superhuman things: Superman, Star Wars, Blade. I am fascinated by superhuman strength. I identify with it all the time. I would watch Blade over and over again ever since I was little.”

Tell me about superhuman strength, please.
“I feel like my body is sickly. It’s going to give out on me any day.  I am missing something; it is part of my suffering. There is something holding my true self from coming out. It is suffocating. A part of me wants to climb out. I feel like a sad little girl, very sad, lost and bewildered. I want to escape almost like there’s something better than this. Get me out, please. Something needs to be released. Something is in my way. I can’t breathe, my energy is strained, there is a whole being waiting to shine. It is like there is a hand around my neck holding me back. It is like a demon. There is something about my personality that puts me down. There is a duality in me.”

Tell me more about duality, please.
“I am trapped, me a beautiful vibrant woman but there is a weak little child inside for some reason.”

Tell me more about the feeling of being weak, please.
It is like being a little ant in a big world. I feel insignificant. People can walk all over me. I am powerless. I feel mean as if something is hunting me. I want to fight back with anger, revenge and I want to get justice. I spit some venom and I bite the person’s leg. I crawl up the body with paralyzing venom. It’s purple, it’s Super Ant.”


Pierre: How are you?
“The fatigue is a lot better. I was really tired for the first week and then it went away. Also the headaches went away after one week. I feel more optimistic and freer. I am feeling good, different and more alive.”

Please tell me about the first week.
“The first week I actually felt as if everything was worse and then I started to feel better. I felt like there was a shift, it wasn’t very comfortable but I felt safe. I knew it was OK, I knew whatever what happening needed to happen.”

Great, tell me about the feeling of duality, please.
“The good is bigger than the bad. I felt a lot of anger towards some people in my life but I don’t have that anymore. I just feel different, more alive. I still have some anxiousness but it is not so much. The heart palpitations are completely gone. The fatigue is also all gone. It is as if the depression cloud lifted.”

Tell me about the feeling of being useless, please.
“I feel like a work in progress. I am feeling strong. The feeling of being lost, bewildered, the feeling of the hands around the neck and the powerlessness are all gone. It is almost like I know who I am. I don’t take things to heart.”

How about the physical, your period etc?
“This cycle was perfect. Urinary tract has been good too without any urgency to go pee and the Candida (discharge) has not been there.”


Pierre: How are you feeling?
“I am feeling great. I even stopped biting my nails. Everything is falling in place. I get up at 8AM every morning. I had major problems with my brother over the years. We had a meeting and it went great. I am not annoyed with people. The itching on my head that felt like it was on fire is completely gone. The allergies are also better. My skin is not so dry.”

What about the duality?
“The dual side is not so strong. I am doing everything naturally. I am smoking at most 3 cigarettes a day. When I first started with the remedy I was a mess. I remember for the first week it seemed like nothing good was going on and then it all started to change. My thoughts are a lot more positive.  If I am upset it doesn’t last long. My periods used to be bad, I was really moody but now I am fine. The heart palpitations are gone. One big thing I have to mention, I don’t feel like people are walking all over me. That’s really big.”


PMS of course is so common it is considered normal. Yet, there is nothing normal about it. How can we say it is normal? Women have needlessly and enormously suffered to this condition. It is time to turn the tide around.

I present this case because this list of symptoms looks very superfluous. Many excuses could be made for her feeling this way but the fact is that health is freedom and what she is experiencing is not. This case represents perfectly well what a lot of people are feeling. Not well but OK and not bad enough to be sick but yet feeling sick nonetheless.

The PMS symptoms are abdominal cramping three days before and pain for another two days during her periods. Mood swings about two weeks before her cycle.

“If you look at me I look fine but I really feel like I am messed up inside”. What she is expressing is that there is a sort untruth between the way she comes across and the way she feels. It is like a camera out of focus.

The feeling of being weak is rather common, what is important here is to go underneath that feeling and discover the sensation of feeling weak. In Bruce’s case of IgA nephropathy (see case) the feeling of weakness is the root. In this case it is not, we need to go deeper.

Here again she expresses the feeling of not being “strong.”

Here is weak again. But what is the experience of it?
I think relating to her mother like this is quite insightful. This is what I call Vital Heredity (V.H.) in several children’s cases. Curt’s case of eczema is an example (see case).

“I have a whole life to live but physically it doesn’t match,” reminds me of looking fine but feeling messed up. There is a duality throughout the case.

Energy relates to vitality.

Here is not feeling strong again but I am about to get deeper.

Here is the strained feeling again. At first we see it in the chest and now it is general.

And here is weak again.

And now we have the sensation of being weak. This is the deepest level we can get at. I see this point as the bottom of a cone.
There is no room for error at this level, it is the absolute root that ties all the complaints together.

The remedy is a dynamic substance that realigns the P.E.M. levels back into focus with each other.  It is like adjusting a pair of binoculars for clarity to reappear. Sometimes, rarely, that process is a little cathartic with diarrhea as in Chris’s case of sinusitis for a couple of days but nothing much beyond that (see case).

She has improved on all three levels. It is consistent. She is the way she should be in daily life.

I sincerely wish this case can provide hope for the many people who feel that health can be better than what they are experiencing now.