Pierre Fontaine’s Surrogacy Method Case of a 7-year-old girl

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Utilizing Pierre Fontaine’s “Surrogacy Method”

Explanation: The “Surrogacy Method” is a way to access inside a child’s physical and emotional feelings to understand her experience of being on the spectrum. In essence, the attempt is for my questioning to create an environment for the parent to speak in the first person as if the child were speaking. This case is representative of this method I discovered 15 years ago. It has been very helpful in a lot of case but it is not possible to do this in all cases as it requires the parent to be somewhat detached. The red lettering indicates when the mother is “in surrogacy”. (Keep in mind the first consult takes 3 hours. The case here is edited down from over 20 pages)
  • Eye Contact: 1/10
  • Spontaneous Interaction: 1/10
  • Spontanuous Speech: 1/10
What unusual behaviors, interests, obsessions, tastes, aversions, fears – does your child have? Makes humming sound, obsession with touch, touch things using all her fingers or back of her hand, will point when prompted, uncomfortable starring into someone’s eyes, gazing away, putting hand in her armpits and smelling the hand, obsession with intense gazing at patterns, touching people’s arm when upset, raising her hand and staring at the hand/finger inappropriately, climbing on furniture, covers ears with hand, stroking her body with tips of her fingers, pain threshold is high – doesn’t cry when she falls down, like to hide face at the corners of the couch, obsessed with holding objects especially rubber band. She is very good at finding them. Does not know strangers. Touches/hugs strangers. Laughs unnecessarily sometimes. Fears – fire, stove, hot food Tastes – eat almost everything. Does not like sweet potatoes. Interest – throwing and bouncing the ball with someone. Doesn’t ever get tired of throwing the ball. She, however, gets upset when nobody wants to play with her and we tell her to aim the basket. She is also happy when writing, tracing what she knows. Aversions – becomes agitated when learning new skills. Will start crying and start running off. Not patient enough to listen to questions. Not calm enough. Cannot stand or sit still for the camera. No eye contact with the camera. Doesn’t understand the concept of making choices. She forces herself to talk by flipping her hands and shaking her body. She gets scared easily e.g. you ask her a question and she is not sure of the answer. She starts to exhibit fear. No spontaneous speech. Speech not clear. She does not use her mouth well. What makes your child upset or stressed and how does she react when upset? When we try to correct her. When she doesn’t have a partner to throw her ball to. When learning a new skill. She will put her hand in her mouth (put back of her hand in her mouth and bite and runoff) What are the main physical complaints of the child, how would you describe them? She looks thin (Actually losing weight); protruding tummy (bloating) which is not proportionate with her body; gas issues (belching and farts a lot – smelly too); hair seems dull; ear is always wet – wax will sometimes be dripping out; upper front permanent teeth (about 4 upper teeth) not coming out (almost a year now that the milk teeth removed) She is also prone to cough. Always coming down with a cough. Treat with over the counter cough medicines and lime/honey. She cannot go complete 3 months without coming down with cough and cold. Usually very bad cough at night. Her tongue is always at the tip of her lips when the mouth is slightly opened. She also opens her mouth when sleeping. Her hand feels weak and not firm. She does things in the opposite direction – turns the book upside down, turns the back of her hand to feel things, sometimes when u call her she will turn her back to you. She likes to turn spoon sideways when about to put food in her mouth. Once we say ‘eat properly’ she eats well.
  • I felt it was odd, I would have expected some quiet time.  I had follicular activating hormone. There was a little
  • bit of anxiety for two weeks. Needing to monitor so needed to go to the hospital. Circle,
  • In the second trimester UTI infection. ABX.
  • I had a problem nursing. She was given glucose water for 3 days because my breast was engorged. We started
  • formula after 7 days.
  • She seemed to vomit quite a lot. She was somewhat upset as a baby. She would cry when taking her out. She
  • cried to cry through the whole journey, 40 minutes she’d cry the whole time. I tried to engage her.
  • As a baby didn’t sleep much. 5 to 10 minutes naps. She was the first to wake up and I’d wake up through the
  • night. It takes a lot of her to settle down.
  • She does not recognize the parents, there is no reaction from her, like crying or wanting to follow one of us.
  • Just wants to watch TV or hold something in her hand.
  • The cereal had to be smooth cereal. If we gave her anything else she would get very upset. She was in her
  • own world.
  • At 15 months she wanted water. She said “da” for Daddy. At 2 years she was making some sounds “eeeeeee”
  • and looking at her hands, also putting her hands up.
  • Now she puts anything at all in her mouth and smells everything.
  • In 2015 she started imitating,
  • She is trying to fight an inner… right now she makes an attempt to play with brother and relate.
  • She gets a lot of coughs.
  • The farts are very long. She burps long too, garlic smell like.
  • She turns her head to one side.
  • I know I want to talk to sit properly, I want them to feel proud of me. It is like having seizures. Fighting the
  • stiffness in the system.
  • The body feels hard, for two seconds the body stops. You almost as if the blood stops flowing.
  • The stiffness, I freeze for 5 seconds. Everything around me stops. I don’t know where I am. At that point, I can
  • see anybody. Need the snap to come out of it.
  • There are blackness and confusion. I need someone to wake me up.
  • I don’t know what to do. So many things are flowing in my head at the same time. I don’t know what is
  • happening around me. Blank in the sense of awareness. I need to understand every bit of information but I
  • don’t seem to know.
  • I am in space, I don’t really know who I am. I am floating. I don’t really know what is happening. I am not feeling
  • my body. I feel light. I feel lost. Everything is going around and around. Everything keeps moving. So many
  • things at the same time.
  • Everything looks the same, I can’t differentiate. I see faces, the features look the same, patterns, lines, squares
  • and rectangles, Can’t differentiate, need to get closer. Too much information at the same time.
  • Not comfortable. I feel stressed. It feels like I need to hold somebody to feel some relief and some kindness.
  • PAIN
  • I am scared. Fogginess, I can’t say this is this. It is It goes right through my whole body., I can feel it through
  • my legs, it is a strength that needs to come out.
  • Stiffness, uncomfortable feeling. Lice. Raging through me, something.
  • The force, it is blank, not even white, like a blotch with some many patterns. Blackness, not making sense, NO
  • more words.
  • In a state of dreaming and waking up. Don’t really know what is going on.
  • Blurry, confusion. I am strained.
  • Like I am being pulled back to the stage of blurriness, I am fighting. Being pulled, grabbing you back into dreaming
  • state. Like the drunken state, don’t even know what is going on, so many things flashing through my eyes. I want to
  • make sense of what is happening. Dullness. I can’t see clearly.
  • Weak. I don’t have enough strength. I feel helpless. Hugging somebody really tight or jump
  • I am not aware of my environment and what is going on around me at that point in time.
  • When we did the initial scan she was coming as a twin. Then we lost one.
  • When we touch her body for a few seconds she does not move, stiffness for a few seconds. She turns into a
  • statue. Stiffness when she is alone.
  • She gets startled, I have done something wrong. That kind of attitude. Need to keep her giving her confidence.
  • She will relax and smile.
  • None.
  • COUGH?
  • Dry does not produce any phlegm. Repetitive, Almost like choking, she wakes up from it when she is sleeping.
  • < sleeping. She drinks warm water, She does not ask for water. She is more grumpy and more tantrums. Not
  • difficult for her to breathe. Each episode can last for 7 days.
REMEDY: I never give the name of remedies because every case requires a different one. Some parents tell the name of remedies online and people give those for their children thinking the case is the same. It never is. I believe nothing much can come out of that. Just people giving remedies and nothing happen. Then people say they tried homeopathy and it didn’t help. Of course, it could not because someone else’s case is not yours. FOLLOW UP I and others.
  • Increased awareness.
  • Playing with brother
  • Tantrums have reduced
  • Not agitated like before
  • Cough has reduced
  • Gazing has reduced
  • GI is much better.
  • Earwax is better.
  • I stayed with that remedy for 6 months and she continued to improve. Then switched to another.
  • In December 2018, 6 months later she is essentially recovered.

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