Certified Autism Specialist

He has more than 30+ years of experience and one of the best certified Autism healer and Autism consulatnt in New York.

He is known as known as Autism Whisperer​ and have great number of sucess stories.

30+ Years of Experience
registered member of the North American Society of Homeopaths
certified by the Council on Homeopathy Certification
Known as Autism Whisperer

Autism Healer

Pierre graduated after following the four-year program from the School of Homeopathy in Devon, England. It was an enormous effort, but it was the right thing to do because England has a much more sophisticated educational system. Consequently, his dedication to homeopathy and his patients is evident.

His leadership qualities were instrumental in the birth of the New York State Homeopathic Association of which he was the founding Vice President. Pierre Fontaine has lectured on Homeopathy at Autism One National Conference, as well as in Dubai and Chile for many different colleges: SUNY, St. John’s University, Queens College, Southampton College. He is the successful author of “Homeopathy, Sweet Homeopathy,” which lifts the veil on the professional homeopathic consultation room for 38 different illnesses.  He is the author of many published articles and was the host of the TV show “Homeopathic Times.”