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(Late 20’s)

• Ringing in the ear

Pierre: How can I help you?
“I have had a total lack of feeling in my fingertips for years. They are numb. I also have some ringing in the right ear; the sound is very high pitched. I also feel like I have water in the ear. I just don’t hear silence.”

Can you tell me a little bit about you when this started?
“I used to party all the time because I did not like what I was doing. At the time, I felt trapped doing just one thing, whereas I like to do many things. I was very dissatisfied. I did not like the structure and the regimented ways of my old job. I like what I do now, I am an artist.”

What can you tell me about yourself, please?
‘I like to use big words that people don’t understand. I also like unusual things. My mother was very disorganized, and I moved in with my father because he was more structured. My father would yell at me all the time and I would hide in the house. He was totally structured and regimented. Recently, I actually got upset at my girlfriend because she is not structured. I am tense about the future. I often ask myself what is it that I really love?”

What do you love?
“In college, I changed from architecture to art history, then I did construction and now I am an artist. I like to know what others don’t know. I am an idealist. I have a genetic trait of anemia of which I am very proud. I have a history of excruciating stomach pain so sharp and sudden, I literally have to drop to the floor. I totally lose muscle control for a few seconds. I went to see the best doctors for my fingers, and the best surgeons, I have had many visits with them and all they can suggest is surgery.”

Platinum metallicum.

Pierre: How are you feeling? How are your fingers?
“I had diarrhea throughout the first night after I took the remedy. Now, the numbness and tingling in the fingers is much less and I can’t believe it. I can’t believe all these professors I saw could not do anything about it. Surgery was the only option and this pill you gave me totally helped. I can’t get it but it is real.”


“All tingling is gone; all is fine. “I was all me in the summer, I feel very healthy, I could move without thinking about my body. I feel freedom, I feel free-brained. The tinnitus in the ears is also better.”

Pierre: Long time no see. What brings you back?
“About 1 year ago, I woke up one morning with my right arm completely numb as well as three lateral fingers. Since then, I wake up with tingling in the fingers everyday. When I work out, I am terrified to hurt myself. There is a panic, am I going to hurt myself, or I wonder if this is permanent, or how am I going to fix this. I want everything to be aligned and balanced again.”

Pierre: Well, we did it once why not again?
“I get worried about my arm. “Oh my god, is my arm going to work.” I would give my right arm to some people because I am always looking for approbation. I am devoted to some people because I need information, but I do a good job. If I don’t have this right arm I will be useless, I won’t be free. I would not be good enough. This arm creates art, there is grace, and it knows how to move. It has sensitivity caring and tenderness. If I lose my arm I will not have that part of my personality. Without that arm I will be less than half of me. I promised my left arm I would take care of it. I believe in the divine spark, and I know I get pretty close to it at times. I definitely have a connection to something higher, but I never get reciprocity.”

Platinum metallicum

“All numbness is gone. I feel much more balanced and good with myself.”


I present this case because it goes back 11 years and it includes a follow-up eight years later. It is sweet and short and demonstrates the beauty of homeopathy. The interview was not nearly as developed as it in Valerie or Erika’s lupus case (see case). At the time, we did not look at the totality as deeply as we do now. Nonetheless the results were good albeit not as consistent as they are today.

OBSERVATION:  He appears structured, regimented and tense. It is paradoxical to what he is saying hence it is interesting.

This is a question we no longer ask as it does not help to understand the disorder in the Vital Force (VF) It tends to lead away from the complaints. All that matters is the condition and its effects upon the individual on the PEM.

I wish I could give you a few “big words” but I didn’t note any of them.

Structure. Here it is again… and again… and again.

He talks in very medical terms and has an “air” of superiority about himself. He appears extremely proud of the fact that he can rattle off the medical terms.

The remedy was repeated a few times.

I’ll take an eight year track record any time yet there is a possibility that had I given a higher potency of the homeopathic remedy at the last follow-up eight years ago, the condition would not have returned. There isn’t any way to know.

He has great concern…

But the characteristics coming back are the same as before…

So I gave the same remedy again…

And it worked perfectly well again. This is similar to Jollie’s case (see case) when she came back with itching dermatitis. I gave the same remedy to her and it was still accurate even though she had a completely different complaint.