This case study of homeopathic studies is an excerpt from Pierre Fontaine’s book “Homeopathy, Sweet Homeopathy: Coming Home to Perfect Health”. Find out more information including how to purchase a copy.

“The lupus started 2 months ago with pain in the joints of hands. I could not even open my hands. They felt numb. After taking medication for it I developed a high fever of 104. When I get sick I become freezing cold as if I am going to die. This coldness has been with me for 3 years it is like an ice cube and I shiver. It starts in the legs and goes up. When this happens I suffer from violent shaking from the coldness. I need to be around people. I babble like a baby during the cold. Then I develop a rash and after that I feel healthy again but I have a constant fever of 98-99.”

“I have pain in the ankles. I don’t eat much anymore. I used to have high fever and sweat but not so much anymore. When I get really sick I don’t feel like leaving my home, I am very weak. I am afraid to leave the house, I feel safe.” “6 years ago I was diagnosed with hyperthyroid and 3 years ago I thought it was back. I feel sometimes like I cannot run fast and I have lost a lot of memory. I used to get cold often when I was a child. I had a kidney infection when I was 8 years old.” “Since the lupus I have had some uncomfortable dreams. Not scary but feeling like things go wrong. We live on the 3rd floor and the elevator keeps going even past the 12th floor which is supposed to be the top floor. It is very scary. Like feeling of not knowing what is going on. What is going to happen to me? May be it is going to take me up to the sky. It cannot be, it does not exist. There are little windows and I look because I want to know exactly where I am going.”

Childhood: “It was like living two lives. I was torn between my mother and father. Father and me don’t need to talk to understand each other. Outside the house everything was great. The stress was very intense inside the house and this is why I left. Leading two different lives because father never loved anybody but me. I thought my mother was my enemy. How could I face this mess. Every day I spent there it was impossible.
Food: I use a lot of salt on everything.

Analysis: I look at what is unusual in the case because it is those symptoms which individualize the illness. In other words the remedy tailored to you. I need a remedy that covers icy coldness to the point of delirium. “I suffer from violent shaking from the coldness. I babble like a baby during the cold.” I also need a remedy which has what I felt was much grief regarding the mother. REMEMBER; Physical, emotional and mental form the whole person.

Follow up after taking the remedy: I feel much better. Much more energy. Not constantly tired like before. Pain in the joints almost not there any more. No Problem when I wake up. No pain in the joints of the hands. The last few days however have not been as good. I am starting to feel pain in the hands and little skin rash. I got a little temperature yesterday. I am afraid now perhaps it is coming back but I have no chill or shivering. I do have to help my hand come back from an extended position.” “The dreams are much better than I used to have. I used to get depressing dreams and now it’s coming back to normal like I used to have. Last couple of days however I can’t get a good rest, only light sleep. I feel like the remedy fought really hard but it did not win the war.”

Remedy: repeat. Follow up 2 through 6 (abbreviated)

“I finished the remedy and all together I feel good. Mentally I am very comfortable. I feel some wrist pain. Pain in the palm and sometimes I feel a hard lump in the right palm and some left elbow pain as if dislocated but over all the pain is 95% better. “I have no more fevers and no shivering cold. Since I started taking the remedy I am the first to get up whereas I could not get out of bed before and I would force myself to sleep. I feel more secure and comfortable about what I have to do. I am more alert. I can remember phone numbers and other things. My dreams are not scary anymore. For example I had a dream that I am flying like a bird and I am able to escape some problems and I can fly away. I used to have dark color in my dreams with the lupus with problems I could not solve and now I can solve the problems.” “I feel strong and I don’t feel tired. I used always ask for days off and now I can go much more. I can think so much better now. I feel more like a whole person. I can chose between things much more easily. I know what I want.” No numbness feel good. Fingers are fine. During the winter got a slightly cold. Got the flu but did not take medication and went away. General health is good.”

After one year: “Much better mentally and physically I realized I had almost no relationship with my mother.” Got pregnant. It’s a very high risk pregnancy with a high possibility for genetic complication. (A baby girl was born without any complications.)

Some time ago I changed the remedy for one I thought would be even deeper acting. I was not perfectly pleased with the results whereas for traditional medicine this would be great even with the side effects of their medications. For course homeopathy has no side effects. Here is what she said.

Follow up: I felt immediately that the lupus had stopped. “I can’t even believe that the nodules in my hands are much better. Gone in the left and the right is better. I am somebody. I would say this is an active state. I’m thinking a lot about business, I feel I could do something on my own.”Doing very well. Life is good, I am free to pursue anything I like.”

Phone: “I continue to feel very well. There is no lupus.”

Homeopath Pierre Fontaine IS Reversing Autism!
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