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(Early 40’s)

• Anger towards husband
• Spider veins, blood spots
• Splitting nails

Pierre: Please tell me what brings you here.
Ever since I had surgery on my elbow to remove some varicocele. I have had some swelling in the arm. I had a bunch of blood vessels together that formed this varicocele on my arm, which I had removed. Now I have a lot of itching and tingling along the scar. Then I developed this great sense of fear that has come over me.”

Tell me about that please?
“I have a difficult marriage. The day after I got married I felt a switch go off. The day after I felt devoid of feelings. I felt asexual, I felt like I wasn’t connected. I was not attracted to him and I was not responsive. I felt it was not OK to participate in a sexual act within the confines of my marriage.”

Please continue.
“I am fearful of my temper and of my anger towards my father. He did a lot of things he never should have done. I do not want to have the responsibility of having to take care of children; I could not support them emotionally. A while ago I wanted to stab my husband, I was frustrated like a cat in a corner and showing its teeth. I wanted to lash out at people. I was really hysterical. I could not recognize the real issue in front of me and I had remorse for days.”

I appreciate the information you are giving me. Please, tell me more.
“I have several issues:
Issue 1: I try to please everybody.
Issue 2: I am fearful of money, I feel it should not be spent. I feel as if I have to explain myself about money issues to my husband.”
Long pause for several minutes.
“I don’t like people to cling on me, I find it revolting. It feels like my mother wanted to hurt me. She would smile in front of you and stab you in the back. My father could not give love, and he made sure we would not succeed. He was a vicious person and I have a sense that he was doing it on purpose.  Some animals eat their young. I see my father with a knife just cutting us down. It was the Antarctic in our house.  My anger can be against anybody.”

Please, tell me about your dreams.
“There is a cat eating a dead cat with worms coming out it.  Then I see my husband drop out of the window. I feel that’s OK. I forget about him and then a beautiful cat flies out of the window.”

Do you have any strong food cravings or aversion?
“I have a big thing for chocolate. I also like to have a drink or two.”

Theobroma 1M

Pierre: How have you been?
“I feel like a flower blooming, whatever you gave me, definitely took the edge off. I am not yelling as much. I have to say, I am at a much more intimate level; much calmer, I am shocked at how much more demonstrative I am. My spider veins seem to be much better, they are not as pronounced, especially on the thighs.”

“I am feeling much calmer. I am not getting angry and I communicate with my husband much better.  I cleared out the crap I had accumulated in my apartment for the last 17 years. I find that for the first time in my life I am not angry. The anger towards my father has dissipated. Chocolate craving has lessened. Before my period, my mood is not so dramatic. My arm is much better with the tingling less than 10 percent than it was. The swelling on the middle finger is almost gone. I remember now I could not even make a fist when I first came to see you.”


Natasha had surgery on the arm for varicocele (bunched up blood vessels but I think this refers to bunched up in the scrotum specifically) on the elbow, some swelling remain.  She also has some swelling in the middle finger. She complains of craving fats and sugars and has gained six pounds in the last year.

Tell me about that please? These open-ended questions give the freedom to answer in whichever way people figure is best. I rarely ask a leading question. There is only one in this book.

A pause can last several minutes without anyone saying a word. This silence is most of the time a good thing. One can almost see the brain working things out to get deeper. It can be a time of great depth between the two of us. Sometimes something comes out and sometimes all I get is, “I don’t know.”

Reading this case one could think of Sylvia’s case of mastitis (see case). There are, indeed, some similarities but it is completely different. One big difference is that Sylvia needs her close ones, whereas Natasha does not.

When I gave this remedy, I gave it on old-style information I talk about from time to time such as “aversion to husband,” etc. (See Chapter 3 or Kesha’s  case on migraine). Then in 2002 I discovered information from colleagues in India, which explained the qualities of remedy further. In this remedy there is a sense of attachment and detachment. It is a feeling of being estranged or a deep desire for company born out of attachment or detachment. My friends in India have helped homeopathy make enormous progress. Thanks to them, my results are far more systematic. When I speak of the difference between the old and the new methods of case taking, I am talking about the breakthroughs that were instituted by their forward-leaning thinking.

The remedy was repeated a four times during a period of six months. She was perfectly well and did not need anything further.

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