How you can reclaim your health?

  • Natural Homeopathic Remedies.
  • Small but targeted lifestyle changes.
  • At times, massage (licensed) to release “knots” in the muscles that cause pain or discomfort and impede natural flow.

Simple does not mean unsophisticated

Using natural Homeopathic remedies and perhaps small lifestyle changes it is possible to bring back vibrant health in people of all ages. This ought to not be a program. Programs are like diets, we get on and off them and create more problems than solutions in the long run. Central to bringing back health is the homeopathic remedy. \"\" Homeopathic remedies are made from natural sources, primarily plants and minerals. These remedies stimulate an individual’s natural defenses and innate healing powers in the safest manner. You should know that there are two kinds of Homeopathic preparations: Combination or Single. Combination Remedies You can find these combination remedies over-the-counter in health food stores and at your pharmacy under various catch names such as “digestaid” or “sleepease.” They combine different single remedies into one pill, and are generally promoted for minor illnesses like colds, headaches, flues and indigestion. This is not homeopathy. Single Remedies A professional homeopath uses only single remedies (FDA-approved.) Single remedies are, without a doubt, the best therapeutic method for people with chronic health problems such as asthma, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, recurring ear infections, skin problems etc… The single remedy method gives the homeopath a choice among 3500 remedies. it requires extensive training (minimum of four years) to develop the expertise. In contrast, the combination remedy usually gives 6 remedies at once. The difference is obvious. 3500 remedies with expertise or 6 without any idea. Finding the best remedy for you is central to your recovery and then maintaining optimal health. \"\" Massage At times massage can bring the greatest relief of all. We are not talking about what I call “the resort massage” than makes you feel good now but has no bearing on tomorrow. Rather it is a therapeutic method to help get rid of “knots” in the body that impede your well being. Of course, this does not apply to all cases. In a case of MS or arthritis it may well be necessary but in a case with a skin condition it may be unlikely. Everyone needs are different. Small but targeted changes Beware of radical changes.\"\" Diet Starting a high protein diet or beginning a vegetarian diet is a radical move. Think about it, for the last 20, 30, 40 years you have been eating the same way and now you stop. Bang! This is a major shock to the system. No wonder most people can’t keep up with these changes and then begin to cheat (guilt) and soon get off the diet all together. We need to recognize that we all have emotional attachments to food. Be it a steak, a piece of chocolate, a slice of pizza or a salad. Forget counting the calories, the amount of protein or the wheat. If food (organic or not) alone could bring about health then we should all be very healthy because we are eating a whole lot. Diet has become a turf war with people pushing the diet, they do best with, onto everyone else. In the next 20 years France will have the largest amount of people over the age of 100. Their diet is probably not very desirable from a scientific point of view but it brings pleasure. It makes people happy. So keep the pleasures but take one suggestion: Try not to eat between meals. This way, you’ll be hungry at dinner time and your system will have burned more calories while you waited. \"\" Another simple thing to do is to sit down for dinner. People say I can’t sit down, I don’t have time. Well, we sit down to watch TV, don’t we? Eat in front of the TV is OK and on one evening to sit at the table. Strike a conversation and continue it on the couch after dinner. Soon, you will see that you will be conversing several evenings a week which will, in turn, relieve stress. These nuggets will not get rid of health problem but they will certainly help. If the conversation is difficult there are many easy ways to bring it back without sounding like therapy. There are so many ways of making life healthier. There are many ways of reducing stress without chanting OM or Shanti. But if that suits you, I have many years of meditation, visualizations etc… which can help you greatly as well. Understand that stress is amplified during the illness which in turn makes you feel even worse. Don’t let your heart be troubled, There is a help. Be well, Pierre Fontaine RSHom CCH
Homeopath Pierre Fontaine IS Reversing Autism!
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