How One Mother could fasten With Her Autistic Son

Parents of children with autism are all looking for a way into their child’s world. Autism encloses people inside like a turtle shell. But every once in a blue moon, if you’re lucky, you find a way in or they peek outside. I’m fortunate to have found a window into my patient son’s world. Her son fell in love with reading early on. He’s twice exceptional, which sounds like a positive thing, but if you have a 2e kid, you know that it’s rife with challenges. There’s been one silver lining through it all and that’s been an early love and aptitude for reading. When her son was three, his preschool teacher told her to not encourage him because he would be bored when he got to Kindergarten. But She ignored her request. Reading calmed him down and made bedtime somewhat manageable. You can also visit this link and read about autism homeopathy treatment here. As a professional Homeopath, I can’t even tell you how much it warms my heart to often find him squirreled away somewhere with his nose stuck in a book. At last she found something to share with him! She joyfully join him in quiet reading time and listen to him give detailed analysis of the books he reads. If he asks for a new book, She get him one without question. Read at the table during dinner? Yes! Now that her son’s a preteen and wracked with big autism feelings and hormones. Since he reads so far above his grade level, they now also do book club, where they read and discuss novels together. They plan to tackle Harry Potter soon. The true bliss came this month when he started to write a novel. Just like his mom, he’s in love with storytelling. It’s another way they can connect. His stories are clever and funny. One day he said we are going to write together and be famous co-authors. It’s something She look forward to. So much of the time, her boy is in his own world—one that She don’t have access to. So when she get a chance to spend time with the child within, she jump at it. The fact that the two things he loves best are things She love too is just gravy. Credit:
Homeopath Pierre Fontaine IS Reversing Autism!
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