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The numbers are astounding. 70% of Americans get headaches and 9% of Americans get a migraine headache contributing as many as 50 million doctor visits annually. Of note, women are affected three times more than men. Any kind of head pain can be called a headache. Most headaches are caused by sinus problems, gastric complaints or just “nerves.” The common symptoms are blurred vision, an aura or halo of visual lights, and of course various different kinds of pains and intensity depending on the person. Generally, but not limited to, the person suffering from a migraine does not want to be disturbed and requires a darkened room to alleviate the symptoms. There are also “cluster headaches” which are usually like a migraine headache but appear close together. A migraine or cluster headaches can be brought upon by a variety of causes such as eye strain, mental or emotional stress at home or at work, hormonal imbalance, food allergies and lifestyles, all may be contributing to this condition.

From the homeopathic point of view, the general details are only the beginning of the investigation into finding the proper remedy. The severity as well as the location of the pain, it’s “timing” day, night or any other specific time makes a difference in finding a remedy. Other relevant symptoms that accompany a headache are diarrhea or vomiting, tinnitus or irritability. I hope the remedies listed below can help you at least acutely (during an episode) If the headaches occur often or regularly it would be important to see a professional homeopath who can “get to the bottom” of it. For example, a good friend of mine asked me if I could find a remedy for a headache he gets over the right eye, at night, about once every four to six months. In this case, I gave him a few doses of the remedy called Sanguinaria 30C. He takes it when it occurs, it acts within a few minutes and he goes back to sleep and wakes up refreshed instead of dragging himself through the day. Keep in mind that the few remedies here mentioned are a far cry from the hundreds a professional homeopath has access to and knows how to differentiate between.

Epiphegus: This is your holiday type if a headache. A nervous headache with pressing in the temples from outside in. Increased salivation. Again this is the type of a headache that comes on when there is activity outside of regular activity. The kids have gone up the wall and you found out your boss is not going to be in, Christmas is two days away…and you have not had lunch that’s when you need this remedy.

Iris versicolor: This is also a “tired headache.” There is an element of being too hot. Either in the summer or when the inside temperature is too high and going outside does not relieve. There is shooting in the temple rather than a pressure and also blurred vision. In fact, the headache begins with a blurred vision. The scalp feels constricted.

Melilotus: A headache with retching and vomiting. Cold hands and feet and a sense of pressure over the eye orbit. Frontal throbbing and oppression of the head. Eyes are heavy, and want of closing them tightly for relief. nerve pain in the right eye and side of the head. There is strange symptom here. A headache is better with an application of vinegar.

Sanguinaria: This remedy is indicated for headaches on the right side. Starts in the back of the head and travels upwards to settle over the right eye. Sometimes with a flush of the face, redness of cheeks. There is a periodicity when a headache may reoccur every seven days.

Cimicifuga: Shooting and throbbing pains after mental worries, over studying, Waving sensation or opening and shutting sensation in the brain. Brain feels too large, pressing outward. Intense aching in the eyeball to the top of the head.

I picked these remedies because from experience these will help in the acute stage. Keep in mind that to get rid of them entirely one needs to differentiate from several thousand remedies. If you have chronic headaches, it is my suggestion that you visit a professional homeopath.

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