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5 Weekly Homeopathic Remedies: Fall Allergies

This is the season of fall allergies. During the next five days, I will post the five most effective homeopathic remedies that can relieve allergy symptoms greatly. This is often the "introduction ailment" for people since seasonal allergies are fairly easy to relieve. Allium cepa 12C or 30C This remedy is for those who suffer from watery eyes and runny nose. Both discharges are abundant. The nose runs “like a faucet”. The differentiating factor to look for in this remedy is that only the nasal discharge is corrosive, and irritates the skin on the upper lip and the nose within a day or two after the start of the allergies. Cold water on the face brings immediate although short relief. Arundo 12C or 30C The allergy is similar to Allium cepa starts with burning and itching but there is also itching of the roof of the mouth or in the throat. This may translate into a child wanting to scrape the back of his mouth with his finger or "scraping" by creating sounds as if gargling
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