Case study for dyslexia treatment in homeopathy

This case study is an excerpt from Pierre Fontaine’s book “Homeopathy, Sweet Homeopathy: Coming Home to Perfect Health”. Find out more information including how to purchase a copy.


• Double hernia at 1 yr old
• Tongue-tied
• Grinds his teeth at night
• Night terrors
• Anxiety around homework time

Pierre: Please tell me what brings you here.

Mother: “We have a big problem. I thought he was doing really well but since March he has not done well in school. He just can’t sit still. In 1st grade, it was really difficult for him. He likes to curse and destroy things. He fights with his sister a lot. He is also quite jealous and he tries to hurt her.”

Tell me more about that, please.

“He is very disruptive. He has to know that he’s going to win every time there is an argument about anything. You would think he would like sports but he doesn’t participate in sports whatsoever. He really has a lot of trouble dealing with other boys, but on the other hand, he is usually very affectionate with girls. ”

I would like to know more about him. What could you tell me that is unusual about him, please?

“He has very bad nightmares, night terrors actually. They are very scary with heads chopped off, giant rats with red glowing eyes, roaches, and bees. He is petrified that someone is going to come in at night. Every night he makes sure that the alarm is on. He sleeps with the covers over his head and now he wants the light on at night. He is very, very scared. He also sweats a lot at night. He wakes up screaming at the top of his lungs. He is clearly scared of somebody or something. We can’t understand what he says, he is so scared.”

That’s very interesting. What else can you tell me?
“He says he is scared of dying. There is always this death stuff. He wants to know that his heart is beating. At night, he always calls out for his father as if he were being shot or hurt badly. The nights are really terrible. He also bangs his head against the wall at times which is very difficult to watch. We can’t even stop him at times.”

How was the pregnancy?
It was very difficult, I found out that I had placenta previa and I was petrified.”


FOLLOW UP: (1 month)
Pierre: Is Rudy better?
Mother: “I would say so. He is not as annoyed by little things as he used to be before. I would say there is a major difference at night; he is not as scared. He doesn’t even check the alarm or the door before going to sleep. He is not waking up screaming at the top of his lungs asking for his father. We can’t thank you enough for the sleep we have been able to get. If he wakes up, he just calls out. It does not seem like he is getting nightmares anymore.”

That’s good to hear. Please tell me more.
“His anger is a lot better. He is not destroying things. He has not said, “I am really angry.” He has not been disruptive in class. I don’t think it has been bad I because his teacher has not called me. This is a big relief; we thought we would have to take him out of the school.”
Is there anything that has not improved? What about dyslexia?
“He still does not have interest in his homework or reading. It doesn’t seem to interest him but as far as dyslexia we have not noticed anything and his teachers have not said anything. If they don’t say anything, we are not going to raise the issue.”


Rudy has been receiving biofeedback for the last 3 months a couple of times a week.

I present this case to suggest that homeopathy could be tried early in the developmental stage of these conditions to “nip’em in the bud.” Instead of medicating for the long term, a child can be transformed from a hellish, difficult life to having a healthy, happy vibrant existence.

I noticed parents bring children with ADD or ADHD at the last minute. Usually the school has been asking for the child to be on medication for quite some time because they tend to be disruptive in class. The parents resist the pressure to medicate and they come in, after having tried everything they could think of, almost in a state of panic. Something must be done now. These are complex issues and to work under the gun is not comfortable. I hope this book can help bring children earlier into the homeopath’s consultation room.

At this point, I was rather fascinated because the parent had not mentioned the dyslexia. Actually the dyslexia in this case was never mentioned nor explained but it was dealt with perfectly in the end, as we’ll see.

At night, he calls out for his father instead of his mother. It is a matter of life or death, it is not a nurturing issue in which case he would be asking for his mother.

It sounds like the pregnancy was very difficult and I assumed that the state of the child was similar to the mother’s. The mother was terrified and so is he. Now I would not just assume it to be the case, I would take the case through the mother.
At the time of this case, which was 15 years ago, I cross-referenced a few of his characteristic features and voila! The good old-fashioned way and it worked wonderfully. Do compare this case with Erika’s lupus case (see case), for example. The level of details is vastly different. It is like watching a black white TV and then switching to color. In Erika’s case, one can actually feel the way she is. Here we only have an idea, which, fortunately, was good enough to recommend something accurate.
Comparing these two cases really shows the reason why we are so much more accurate now than back then a few years ago.

The main issue was presented as dyslexia, but I think ADHD was their biggest concern. In the end, the ADHD and the dyslexia (and much more) were resolved. That is the way homeopathy works.

Can you imagine how much more peaceful the house must be now and how much rest everyone is getting? The whole family is affected when a child is struggling like this. It is not the child’s fault of course; it is the disorder that is making life like that.

“He doesn’t have the internal violence ha had before.” I find that statement so very revealing. The way she says it is like something has been removed from the child. It is not the same as saying “He is OK, he is less disruptive.” “The internal violence has been removed. That is deep and beautiful. There is so much less emotional pain.

Homeopath Pierre Fontaine IS Reversing Autism!
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