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This case illustrates how crucial it is to individualize each case to arrive at a deep understanding and therefore a deep cure.

When reading this case, keep in mind, that the beauty of Homeopathy is its ability to make relevant what is seemingly irrelevant.

  • Depression: Last 3 years and when a teen. (used to take medication but does not want to because of side effects)
  • Anxiety: Daily and at night, feels like going to die in sleep.
  • Allergies:
  • Fatigue: even after 10 hours of sleep
  • Weight gain: last 3 years (70lbs)
  • Lost interest: in everything
  • Headache:
  • Digestion problems:


“My depression and anxieties started about 3 years ago. I was always calm until about 3 years ago. The first time I had an anxiety attack I was watching a movie and the door slammed shut because of a draft. It felt like I was trying to breathe under water. It felt like a life and death situation.”

“I am very impatient. Inside I feel like ripping my hair out or assaulting people. I don’t like people touching me. Feel like pushing people off. I try to stay out of people’s way, I give them enough room but why are they touching me? I JUST REACT. I feel pure rage. In my head I just curse because I don’t want anybody to touch me. Get the fuck out of my way. I clench my teeth really hard. I never liked people touching me.”

“My mother feels I am choosing my boyfriend over her. In turn my boyfriend has a very hard time dealing with our relationship and now it is a complete mayhem. My mother is already not happy with my boyfriend situation. I tell her “I’m just dating him, leave me alone.” My anxiety come from trying to make her happy and not being able to. Everything is about the both of them. When I get into an argument I just feel like leaving.”

“I used to exercise and now I don’t. I am extremely tired and it is very difficult to get out of bed.”

“I love animals. Animals don’t want anything from you. They just love you and this is why I love animals so much. I feel great with them and could do without people. I am going to grooming school to take care of them.”

“I get headaches every day. Pain is in the inner corner of the eye and between the eyes. It is a pounding pain made worse in closed room and better in open air. I never get them outside of work.”

“My digestion is not good: I am constipation. I get heartburn as if I drank lemonade, sour as if stomach is on fire. Rotten, dirty. As if the food I eat is rotting inside of me.”

End of case.

Most people have difficulties understanding why the love for animal with the headaches and the digestion problems are important and how they makes sense in a case of depression. This is because we are so used to linear treatment such as: “Take this for the depression and this for anxiety. Depression alone take this.” In linear thinking there is no purpose for human feelings, ambiguities, contradictions, joys and sadness etc… and quite honestly with HMO’s limiting visits to a few minutes it is going to get harder rather easier to investigate properly.

As I always say, depression, headaches and indigestion don’t walk into my office, YOU do.

Follow up one month after the remedy:

Several months later:
Going to college and using the pet grooming as a bridge. Sees her mother once a week and is in good terms.

The first remedy I gave her is called Aethusa then after the anxieties started again a little bit I adjusted the remedy to Oenanthe.

Our books (Materia Medica) says that: “Aethusa has a love for animals. Anguish, crying, and expression of uneasiness and discontent. Symptoms set in violence. Whenever she closes her eyes to sleep, she gets a strong feeling that she will not wake up the next morning and feels breathless in darkness.”

This seemed very accurate and indeed it worked well but when only the anxieties came back, I felt the remedy needed a little adjustment to Oenanthe which has worked brilliantly well.

I understand the names of these remedies sound totally foreign to someone who is not familiar with homeopathy. I write them up only to complete the illustration of the case and for professionals who grasp the professional thinking. For more information on remedies click here.

She decided to address the weight issue caused by the anti depressant with a high carbohydrate diet composed of grains, beans and a lot of green vegetable. She has cut out all sodas, pastries and sweets. In other words no sugar what so ever. It seems to work for her and she lost a substantial amount of weight. I know someone else who lost a lot of weight simply by cutting all sweet beverages such as orange juice, sodas (used to drink more than 3 a day), drink mixes and ice cream and has replaced them all with water. A simple step that has made a big difference for her to reach preferred weight.

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