Fifteen percent of all woman suffer form recurring bladder infections. The most common symptoms are: urinary frequency with great urging accompanied with possible burning, dark colored cloudy urine and lower abdominal pain. A common reason sighted is the proximity of the urethra to the vagina, providing easy access to the bacteria. This implies a defect in "design" which clearly leaves many arguments open for debate. Homeopathy is concerned with individual symptomatology rather then the one size fits all type of treatment. The emotions as well as the physical peculiarities of the condition are an integral part of the homeopathic model. The beauty of homeopathy is that in the process of making a remedy very specific symptomatology is revealed. Following is a list of some of the most common remedies with some of their peculiar characteristics. Read each remedy picture and see which one fits your symptoms best. These remedies should at least relieve the acute episode of this most uncomfortable problem. If it does not, you got the wrong remedy.

A homeopath should be consulted for the chronic problems. Several dozen remedies would be considered by a professional homeopath for this problem. Here I give you the most prominent. The bold type means the most important feature of the remedy. Also, don't be put off by the name of the remedy. Around the world homeopaths use the same Latin name. If you were in India or France or Chile for example, and you asked for the remedy "Cantharis" the pharmacist would know exactly what you need.

Staphysagria 30C: the bladder infection starts after some emotional turmoil or after sexual activity with the feeling as invasion, the feeling of not being able to say no, and displeasure with intercourse even though the sex drive is healthy. This remedy has gained the reputation of being the newlywed remedy. When the sexual activity increases a great deal and the new bride feels overwhelmed but does not want to turn him down.

Nux vomica 30C: has the common physical symptoms with great urging, even for stool. The temperament of the Nux vomica person is that of a workaholic whose symptoms come on after excesses in stimulants such as coffee, drugs, alcohol or heavy food. These people are generally chilly, irritable and very fastidious.

Pulsatilla 30C: has frequent urging to urinate from pressure on the bladder. She has a temperament of being however very yielding type of person. Weeping frequently with a constant need to have someone strong by her side to lean on although she may seem to be independent.

Cantharis 30C: has very strong, violent burning sensation. There is strong voluptuous sexual desire, an amorous frenzy disposition. Cold application lessens the pain. Strong desire to urinate.

Berberis 9C: has the particularity of cutting pain radiating to the lower back, the kidney area, the pelvis ot the thighs. The pain is felt very deeply.

Equisetum 9C: has bladder pain made worse at the close of urination. Urination itself is burning. Frequent desire to pass large amount of clear urine.

Sarsaparilla 6C: has extremely sensitive and burning tip of urethra. frequently the bladder sensibility is accompanied by dry and easily cracking skin on the hands particularly the thumb. This person is usually easily irritable or easily offended. A rather hot tempered lady.

I hope these can help you overcome this awfully discomforting problem. As a professional homeopath I take a much more detailed approach. The complexity of the physical, emotional and mental levels must fit the remedy in order to have a long lasting cure. Wholistic is not a catch word in homeopathy it is an absolute requirement. We have hundreds of remedies to chose from and we can bring about long lasting relief in most instances. Be well.