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4 Weekly Homeopathic Remedies: Common Cold

Read the blog to know some of the Weekly Homeopathic Remedies for Common Cold Pulsatilla 12C or 30C The child is clingy, really hanging on you while sick. The mucus gets thick and yellowish very quickly. No thirst though you want her to drink.The child can be very teary eyes, crying for no reason. Dose according to symptoms. Dulcamara 12C or 30C Dulcamara's keynote is cold from getting wet or damp. Damp means it is late summer and the air is getting brisk but you have been sweating. A little shiver runs through the body and next thing you know you have stiffness in the neck, backache and you have all the general catarrhal symptoms of the common cold. Take Dulcamara. Subacute to acute dosing. Feel free to scrawl back because the remedy I mention for fever apply. I am presenting remedies that have specific features for each ailment but it is important to use a three-dimensional view of the remedy and not feel limited by what we think. Only the symptoms lead to the remedy. So for
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