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Once the person describes his or her symptoms in details then we no longer treat the disease but rather bring the whole person back to health

Female in a 30’s

  • CFS: started 5 years ago. Feeling totally incapacitated with a general feeling of exhaustion.
  • Achy in limbs:
  • Lower backache:
  • 3 courses of antibiotic this year: Lots of antibiotic courses between the ages of 14 to 25.
  • Bad acne: Whole clusters that would get infected. Large red boils 4 or 5 of them.
  • Hay fever: 3 cortisone shots in previous 5 years.
  • Flu shot: Got flu that seemed to be the trigger.
  • No menses: Amenorrhea


“The chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) lasts 5 to 7 days. Then I get a little more stamina for 2 weeks and then down again. These bouts are brought on by extreme levels of stress and physical activity as well as antibiotics.”

“The feeling is familiar. It is more profound than physical. Lying down or sitting down does not give relief. I do the minimum amount of effort. I prefer to stay in one position. I feel the work the body is doing, feel the blood in the veins and the air coming in and out of my lungs. I am connected with the feeling that my body is not recovering. It feels very constricting. I feel envious of everyone having their energy.”

Most of the above describe the common symptoms of CFS but there are many little clues that lead me to the remedy that re-established her health to the point that leads her to say “I have never felt better in my life than these last 6 months.” For example the feeling that the flu shot might have started it all. The acne, the hay fever both of which she gave extensive descriptions of symptoms. And the feeling of having to not show her exhaustion to her friend and the feeling that “they might think I behave oddly.”

The totality of all this brought the correct remedy very clearly.

Less than a month later:
“I have not had any CFS symptoms since I took the remedy. My energy is almost normal. I had a cold for 3 or 4 days, an upper respiratory problem, sore throat type but I did not take anything. Air conditioning can trigger it. The symptoms of a sore throat were as follow:

Pain left side which lasted 3 days. I was really restless. I wanted to lie down. I could not concentrate even when watching TV. I just wanted to switch everything off. I had some upper chest congestion, raspy, wheezing and slightly shallow breathing. Respiration felt quite dry. I had some lower back pain.”

3 months after the remedy:
The energy level is normal. feeling sharp and not lethargic. Slight low back pain. Lungs are feeling fine, not wheezy like before. No sore throat, the feeling of constriction I had for so long is so much better.

6 months later:
Had an episode of a a sore throat which lasted a few days but said “I have never felt better in my life than these last 6 months. What I just had was so minor compared to what I used to have.”

I just had to repeat the constitutional remedy.

As I often mention. “The beauty of homeopathy is that we can listen to the whole person and arrive at a remedy that will bring health back better than ever.”

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