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(11 yr old)

• Nightmares
• Dryness of skin

Pierre: How can I help you?
Mother: “He has warts! They first started on the knees but he also has some on his thumbs, fingers, knees, on his back and in his armpit for over a year. The doctor burned a couple of them off but they keep coming back. He has dry skin, all these small white excrescences are sensitive to touch. He gets at least one new wart every month.”

I can see on the hands there are quite a few. What more can you tell me?
“He has a history of allergies to strawberries. He has had several ear infections and his nose is constantly running. Look at his upper lip; it is irritated all year round, it is always red.”

Steve, what can you tell me about your skin? How does it feel?
Steve: “The cold weather makes my skin very dry; it feels as if it makes ice on my skin. I feel piercing ice on my face, so much so that at times I scream from pain.”
Mother: “Several years ago, he had pain during urination. He said it was as if a knife was cutting him. He even had some pain when he went swimming in the ocean. He was under the control of this pain, as if a little demon were inside him. The whole body was disturbed, all the limbs were moving in different directions. It was as if someone had pricked him and he became someone else.”

Tell me about your dreams, please.
Mother: “He has very frightful dreams.”
Steve: “I look at an object and I think it’s someone. I am afraid of being alone. Very often I feel nervous and scared. I always feel as if there is a glass ball in my stomach. I also feel as if there is a hollow spot in my body like there is something pushing my intestines around and it doesn’t feel right. If I close my eyes and hear some noise, I feel as if someone wants to kill me. I remember a dream; I see a small pink elephant and I can’t fall asleep. In the dream, my father screams at me and he takes it away from me to put it in the garbage. I feel as if I am in space. I hear my father, calm but upset. The floor is up on the side and I feel as if I am floating, as if the whole world has something against me for a small thing. I feel as if people are watching me. In my dreams, I often feel like I need to do something, so that the girl is going to like me. I feel as if I would be detested if I do something small.”

Does he complain of stomach problems sometimes?
Mother: “Yes, he does, but I never thought anything of it.”

Thuja occidentalis.

FOLLOW UP: (1 month later)
Pierre: Is he feeling better?
Mother: “He has had far fewer nightmares and it’s been a lot easier for him to fall asleep. He is also much calmer and he controls himself better. He has not mentioned anything about his fears of someone wanting to kill him or follow him. After I saw you, I thought about it and I realized he mentioned someone was following him or wanting to kill him just about every day. It is amazing to see the warts literally disappear. There is only one wart on the left finger, which is much smaller.  The warts between the fingers are gone. The ones on his legs are still there but new ones don’t seem t be coming out anymore.”

Pierre: How is the stomach?
Steve: “The ball in my stomach is gone. Also I don’t see my body from a bird’s eye view. I think it is 90 percent better.”
Mother: “I also noticed he has much less anger over little things.”


FOLLOW UP: (3 months later)  
Mother: “The warts are all gone. The ball in the stomach and hollow spot are all gone. The dry skin on the cheeks and the crusty eczema are all gone. He is much calmer than before. He wasn’t restless before at all but there was an edge that I no longer see in him. He seems much better in his own skin.”
Steve: “My concentration in school is much better; I am not daydreaming like before and I fall asleep quickly.”


“He has warts!” besides that there are not enough details and there wasn’t anything uncommon to them. Like most conditions, the deeper levels need to be understood and therefore properly addressed with the remedy to restore order on the physical level.

Rather than just burning the warts, homeopathy seeks to restore inner balance at the Vital Force level so that the dry skin, the warts and the nightmares disappear, as you will see later. There is no difference between the conscious state and subconscious. There isn’t a wall separating the two,.They, as the PEM (define) are connected as well and the beauty of homeopathy is that we can navigate all the different levels and states in order to arrive at the most correct remedy. All of them have one thing in common: they all hold a piece of the root of disorder.

I very often talk about strange, rare and peculiar  (SRP) symptoms. “The cold weather makes me feel like it is piercing the skin to the point of screaming” is exactly that.

Although there seems to be a wealth of SRP information here, unfortunately it turned out to not be very useful. Further questioning didn’t bring more details.

In teenage children’s cases, it can be quite challenging to get deeper homeopathically meaningful information. On to the dreams…

This child related his dreams in wonderful details and feelings. He has a lot of fear about his father accompanied by a feeling of weakness towards him. The father could be the most wonderful dad in the world, but in the dream it is his perception. It is his perception on the subconscious level. Keep in mind, this is not psychotherapy. We just use what it homeopathically relevant.

He is not coping well and he is weaker, which, in his case, makes him feel like he is in outer space. He is not fitting in his body, or he is not quite here on the earth plane. This is the essence of the remedy I gave. It is also a well-known remedy for warts. This remedy is often given only based on the warts, but once it is given based on PEM then it becomes a certainty that it is the correct remedy.

It is interesting that we see a impression in the stomach as there is in the dream, namely that of being made of glass.

In the dream he was in space, outside his body. Awake he was seeing his body from a bird’s eye view. This is really the same feeling. I always find The Golden Thread of the VF (Vital Force) extremely interesting. I never cease to be amazed! More important than being amazed, we can do something about the whole problem at once by matching the dynamic remedy to the dynamis of the person.

“He is better in his own skin.” Considering the case, one could say that indeed!

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