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(8 months old)

• Violent reaction to food

Pierre: Could you please tell me as much as you can about the eczema?
Mother: “He has had this eczema for the last 4 months. He had to be hospitalized for a violent reaction to soy. There was a pool of vomit. He had shallow breathing, we didn’t know what to do and we called the ambulance. It was really bad.”

It sounds like a difficult and traumatic time, I am very sorry to hear that.
“He’s also been sick for 3 weeks and his nose has been congested ever since then. The heat in the apartment makes him worse. His face breaks out and it gets irritated particular on the margin of his hair. That’s actually where the whole thing started.”

What else can you tell me, please?
“For the last two nights he has been really bad but at first the skin started to break on the cheeks, then on the forehead, especially between the eyebrows and in the crease of the arms, hands and wrists, then behind the knees, down the legs on the shin, calf and ankles. In general, his left side breaks out more than the right and now it’s moving up the chest. The skin breaks. He wakes up itching at night around 2 a.m. He sucks on his hands to the point of his skin cracking. I have had something similar to that for years, myself.”

Petroleum 30C

FOLLOW UP: (phone one week later)
“He improved for a short time and now he is the same as before. At this moment, it looks as if nothing has changed.

Upon remembering the skin of the mother (mainly dry and breaking), I changed the remedy to SARSAPARILLA

FOLLOW UP: (1 month later)
“He has been much more tolerant of food such as dairy, wheat, oats, corn and rice. We still stay away from soy but the legs have completely cleared, as well as the ankles and the chest. He still scratches his hands but not as much. The skin is returning to normal now, it had gotten so thick I felt pain just looking at it. When the dog licks him he does not turn red any more. He still has a few little cracks behind the ears and hands, but for the most part his skin has almost completely cleared.”

“He continues to strive and be better than he ever was.”


Eczema, in my view, is not a skin condition but rather an allergic reaction.

I present this case because many children suffer from eczema. A lot of creams are applied but the skin is an organ so if it is suppressed the problem will go deeper. In most of these cases the skin allows discharge serving as an outlet in a way to maintain health in the deeper structures of the body. When the VF (Vital Force) is no longer able to exhibit the symptoms on the superficial level, the next level of weakness generally respiratory.

I asked many more questions but I could not elicit more physical descriptions than that. This was a very long time ago and today, as you might have seen in other children’s cases, I ask about the mother’s state during the pregnancy. The fact that she has a similar skin condition further validates that approach. This is what I call Vital Heredity (VH) as in Daniel’s case of eczema. Certainly heredity exists. It is obvious to everyone. We all experience it and see it in ourselves, friends and family. The great thing here is that we can do something about it. We are not “doomed,” as some would like to have us believe, to the whims of our genes.

The remedy was close, it had some resonance because he improved for a short time but it is not accurate enough for longstanding improvement.

After changing the remedy, he has needed repetition of the remedy only a few times for small outbreaks after certain foods.

This very early case shows the great variation between cases then and now. Today’s information is thoroughly deep, lively and reflects the human experience. This case shows few of the deeper feelings. The difference is like the difference between watching a black and white versus a color TV.

One last thing: Don’t you love the dog licking part of this case?