Misunderstood Homeopathic Concepts: Homeopathy is Placebo Because There is Nothing in the Remedies

The very first problem with this idea is that it sweeps under the rug all of the experience of millions of people whose disease they no longer suffer from. In other words, science adapts theory to experiment. The critics adapt the other way around. It cannot work because there is nothing in it. This argument has repeated itself over and over in the last 100’s of year. For example when Christopher Columbus said the earth is round, scientists said it could not be because we would fall off of it when going around the world. The same elementary argument was given the Galileo, Newton etc… today Prof Luc Montagnier and anybody else who does not fit the mold.

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Misunderstood Homeopathic Concepts What are Miasms

Misunderstood Homeopathic Concepts: What are Miasms?

Miasm are a method of classification. In the case of homeopathy, the similarity of the symptoms of a remedy to the disease classifies both at the same time. Like cures like. So Belladonna belongs to the acute miasm, right? One takes belladonna not because of the acute miasm but because of the similarity of it to the illness. Therefore, one cannot clear a miasm because the miasm is an abstraction. One cannot take Carcinosinum to clear cancer. Though I know some people do that it does not make sense at all once we understand that what a miasm is.

Lastly, people know three miasms but today I could not work with less than 18 miasms. There is a very practical aspect to that number. The table of elements has 18 columns that represent 18 stages or 18 miasms.

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Weekly Remedies: Ear Infections

Weekly Remedies: Ear Infections

We are speaking about ear infection and its remedies. The first remedies is Pulsatilla. There is pain behind the ear drum and it is pushing out. Most of all the child is very clingy, won’t leave you an inch. That is how you will know to give Pulsatilla. I have seen the remedy help the pain within minutes. Though we covered this remedy before but it is worth repeating. Keep in mind to repeat the remedy frequently. I like to dilute two pellets in up to 4 oz of water, stir and give a sip or two.

The other remedy to think about with ear infections is Silica. The child will be cold. Wants to be covered, even the head while in bed or when walking around. There can a strong odor from the ear. Most of the time the ear infection is accompanied with nasal congestion as this is often an ear infection that is in continuation of the sinusitis.

Our next remedy for ear infection is Hepar Sulphuricum 12C or 30C. This remedy has throbbing pain in the ear soothed by a warm application. Hard to know about throbbing in a child but easy to know whether the child is better with warm (or cold) by just wetting a cloth with hot or cold. Much like Silicae he is very sensitive to cold. Try cold if it does not help try the other but cautious, the child is very sensitive to touch. Does not want the ear touched, in fact this child is sensitive about everything. He seems afraid and anything irritates him, one could say he is ferocious. Remember Bryonia? He gets angry, right? but as long as he is not disturbed he is OK. Well, Hepar is not only ferocious but he will continue to be so even by himself. The pain makes him so.

Silicae 12C or 30C
A must have, lots of people swear by it for ear infections but it is important to know why. Silicae is greatly effective once the infection has taken hold with nasal discharge, fever etc… The child is cold, frail. In fact these children are usually thin. The ear discharge has a unpleasant smell. The child may even develop bad foot odor during this time. The disposition is rather quiet.

Our last remedy for the week is an unusual one. Unlike the wide majority of the remedies I mention here this one may be difficult to find.

The remedy is Rosa damascena (12C/30C). This remedy is recommended at the beginning of hay fever when there is ear canal involvement. In other words, the ear pain comes with (concomitant to) the hay fever. So one may think there is an infection because of the pain or discomfort combined with the discharge/ mucus of the hay fever. So there is a need to differentiate between hay fever and a cold. That should be easy.

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Weekly Remedies: Common Cold

Pulsatilla 12C or 30C
The child is clingy, really hanging on you while sick. The mucus gets thick and yellowish very quickly. No thirst though you want her to drink.The child can be very teary eyes, crying for no reason. Dose according to symptoms.

Dulcamara 12C or 30C
Dulcamara’s keynote is cold from getting wet or damp. Damp means it is late summer and the air is getting brisk but you have been sweating. A little shiver runs through the body and next thing you know you have stiffness in the neck, backache and you have all the general catarrhal symptoms of the common cold. Take Dulcamara. Sub acute to acute dosing.

Feel free to scrawl back because the remedy I mention for fever apply. I am presenting remedies that have specific features for each ailment but it is important to use a three dimensional view of the remedy and not feel limited by what we think. Only the symptoms lead to the remedy. So for example, if the child has what you see as cold and the symptoms are red face, glassy eyes, rapidly developing very high fever, then give Belladonna I presented for “fever”.  Some of these remedies do overlap.

To apply what I mentioned last night regarding the three dimensional view of a remedy I’ll take Allium cepa. Let’s say there is a lot of sneezing and watery eyes and nasal discharge, then Allium cepa could dwell mentioned during the allergy week, could be the remedy.
To take another example, the person has a cold, is highly irritable when disturbed and does not want to move, Then Bryonia mentioned earlier could be the remedy. Oh, my daughter tell me I didn’t write about Bryonia. Well, here it is.

Bryonia is highly irritable does not want to be disturb. Those are the main features on emotional plane. They don’t want to move. They stay,without moving in the bed. Moving causes great distress. So when the person needing Bryonia coughs (moving) they are in pain and really not happy about it. They also have dryness of mucus membranes, mouth, nose etc… and excessive thirst.

Arsenicum album 12C or 30C
This is a good remedy to know as mentioned before for this week’s theme as well as other conditions. The qualities are as follow. The individual wants to be covered, she feels cold and wanting to drink hot beverage. She wants people around but is not clingy like Pulsatilla. Arsenicum takes a very factual assessment of the situation even for a little cold. She is careful of what she takes as she easily feels the medication is poison or that the cold is poisoning her. “This discharge taste like poison to me”. or “This is killing me.” Anything that is not clean is poison so they are particularly fastidious. A child may smell her pj’s and say she wants to change it because she slept in it all night. There can be great weakness or some restlessness. All discharges are thin and acrid.

Ferrum phophoricum 12C or 30C
closes out our week on colds. This remedy is similar to Belladonna but cold comes on more slowly, the temperature is not as high and the face is red but not the bright red we see with belladonna. This is milder. There can be nose bleed. There is irritability, Slightest noise irritates and does not like his thoughts to be opposed.

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Weekly Remedies Fall Allergies

Weekly Remedies: Fall Allergies

This is the season of fall allergies. During the next five days I will post the five most effective remedies that can relieve allergy symptoms greatly. This is often the “introduction ailment” for people since seasonal allergies are fairly easy to relieve.

Allium cepa 12C or 30C
This remedy is for those who suffer from watery eyes and runny nose. Both discharges are abundant. The nose runs “like a faucet”. The differentiating factor to look for in this remedy is that only the nasal discharge is corrosive, and irritates the skin on upper lip and the nose within a day or two after the start of the allergies. Cold water on the face brings immediate although short relief.

Arundo 12C or 30C
The allergy is similar to Allium cepa starts with burning and itching but there is also itching of the roof of the mouth or in the throat. This may translate in a child wanting to scrape the back of his mouth with his finger or “scraping” by creating sounds as if gargling to relieve the itch.

This remedy has an affinity for the eye. The nose may run too but the eyes is central. The tears are corrosive. With Allium cepa the nasal discharge is corrosive but with Euphrasia tears are. Burnin, swelling and burning even sand like sensation in the eyes. Cold water does not relieve the symptoms.

Badiaga 12C or 30C
The symptoms of Badiaga are: Profuse watery, nasal discharge with sneezing. The mucus is irritating as with Allium cepa but the person needing Badiaga will splash warm to hot water to relieve the symptoms whereas Allium cepa calls for cold water. Watch for what the child naturally goes for relief. Open her eyes under water in the bathtub or turn the cold faucet while taking the bath and put her head under. The clues come in the most mundane ways. When we can read the language, it all means something.

Ambrosia 12C or 30C
This remedy has all the common hay fever symptoms. Tears and much itchiness of the eyelids. Burning eyes and watery nasal discharge. It covers all the basics. There may also be end of summer dysentery.

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Continued Ease

One of the many little changes I have made in consult has been to watch “flow” rather than being in front of it or behind it. This has enabled the capacity of having a kaleidoscope vision and being able to look at the many possibilities instead of the long single laser vision bound with narrowness I espoused before.
The result is an easier intake with more accuracy and depth.

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It’s getting easier

So today I was done with a follow-up and speaking with “mom” and I was feeling absolutely wonderful because the creative process is clearly alive and well. It works! Redos work beautifully well now. All the tweaks and adjustments are working toward full reversal and it was great to hear from mom (s). Yes!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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