2 Homeopathic Remedies for Flu to Have

Hi all.
We have 2 homeopathic remedies for flu.

With the Flu wanting to snuggle with us and creates its yearly ravages (and make us wish we’d live on a warm beach in Brazil) I’d like to remind everyone there are two homeopathic remedies (OTC of course) widely available you should all have on hand. Oscillococcinum, which acts best when taken as soon as the first symptoms come up. Follow the instructions but don’t forget the rest of the family. You should dilute one tube in 4 oz of water and give a tablespoon each twice a day for as long as the flu is in the house. If you missed/ignored those first symptoms and “Oscillo” does not help, take Eupatorium perforatum 30C (3 pellets) four to five times a day. For those who know sip dosing, do just that.


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  • Rosemary price

    Dear sir
    Your work with Autism and Dementia sound wonderful..my brother has a bad case of the latter…getting more nervous ,fearful And withdrawn by the day…If he was still living in America I would send him to you however his friends …fearing for his safety sent him home to his family in england….Do you feel that it is better to be treated far to face …or over the airwaves ? I feel face to face …I have a good friend who qualified as a homeopathabout 4 years ago ….she is quiet and careful and gentle person…but a warm and intelligent one too…I think she would make an Ideal person to help dementia sufferrers , like my brother in the uk
    I will tell her about you and if she gets in touch I truly hope you will share your knowledge and experience…one healer to anotber…who knows perhaps she could become your partner over here….her Name is Denise Faulkner…meanwhile I wish I could afford to bring my brother to you but I cannot and computers or even tv’s are not his thing…but if you teach Denise there may be hope for the poor man yet…such a wonderful sensitive person as you described…almost drank himself to death and could sometimes appear cruel..but I don’t think it was ever intentional…he is 62 now …and mentally older than my 89 year old Mum and87 year old Dad to care for him it is both sad rewarding and exasperating work….thanks for giving me hope…I hope we can help him together…sadly I have very very little money. By brother is Rich in name only..Richard Price…..thanks for reading good luck with your crusade…I hope it reacbes england very soon
    Rosie Price

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