World Autism Awareness Day: How autism has changed the world? When is it and how do you recognize it?

I want my child back.” This is the most poignant cry for help I hear. Nothing grabs me more than these five words. This is usually followed by, “My child was developing perfectly well until he was eighteen months old…” I see cases of autism or “regressive autism” very much like a form of torture. Parents have gone through the unknown trials and tribulations of pregnancy, delivery and the first year of life. The first birthday, pictures are snapped, first time at the beach, toes in the water, the bathing suit stuffed by the diaper. Cute. The first time on a sleigh, mittens, hat over the ears, all happiness and laughs. The first time on a plane enduring the crying and the popping ears. Embarrassment. The pictures are up on the screen saver. Life is good. This is what it is supposed to be. Within this time a new relationship forms and builds itself into our lives. This relationship is an uncommon one because we tend to develop relationships with people who are like us. We
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