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Homeopathy For Autism

Autism is development disorder in which children have impaired or poor communication and social skills. It usually becomes apparent within the first two years of life but some mild cases get diagnosed during early schooling.

Classical Homeopathy for Autism

Classic Homeopathy for Autism can be an effective way to reduce autism. According to Pierre Fontaine. Autism is a disease of leaked disorganization in the body as it affects so many different organ systems in the body.

He says that the central nervous system is a key area of concern, and not much physically. He has been working with his scheme for the treatment of Autism disorders with homeopathy and other therapeutic agents since at least the 90s. Autism is a developmental illness whereby neurological blockages limit the child’s normal cognitive-developmental, it can also be a symptom of a blockage in the brain that limits the child’s normal developmental ability.

What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder?

ASD is a developmental condition that affects one out of every 59 children. The metaphor is derived from the Ancient greek: autos, which means self, and ismos, which denotes condition or direction.

Leo Kanner, a child psychiatrist, introduced the concept autism in 1943. The clinical picture he described at the time is known today as early childhood autism or Kanner syndrome. When the term “autism” is used in a broad sense, it typically refers to this disease, which displays itself before the age of three.

Later on, the Austrian pediatrician Hans Asperger also documented a less pronounced form of autism in the mid-1940s, in which the ability to speak and social interaction is less impaired, the so-called Asperger’s syndrome. In addition to these two manifestations, there is also atypical autism, which is characterized by limitations in two of the three central areas of social interaction, communication, or stereotypical behavior. It can be varied, depending on whether or not there is a delay in language development

Homeopathic remedies have been shown to treat, improve and even reverse ASD in various cases. But before discussing this, let’s understand the characteristics of Autism.

Characteristics Of Autism Spectrum Disorder

Broadly speaking, there are three main characteristics of Autism Spectrum Disorder:


Lack of eye contact

Absence of eye to eye connection" is a notable indication of autism. Individuals with autism are more averse to gaze straight toward someone else's eyes


Behavior and Sensory Integration


Rigid repetitive behaviors


Social Interaction

Difficulty in social interaction, learning language, and developing communication skills.

What Are The Causes Of Autism?

What Are The Causes Of Autism?

Honestly, the reasons for this condition are complicated be defined properly. Currently, the exact cause(s) of autism spectrum disorder is unknown. Many theories attempt at justifying different causes of autism. What appears to be evident is that what’s been operating in sync inside the body in many children with Autism is no longer doing so. It’s a full biochemical disorder that causes an autistic youngster a tremendous amount of distress at times. Between the ages of one and two and a half, there is a barrier in receptive and expressive cognition. A state of total biological disarray develops at that point in time. There are numerous hypotheses regarding what causes the sharp increase in Autism diagnoses in recent decades, that has attained alarming levels.

People have different ideas about what causes autism. Some of these theories revolve around the mother’s physiological status during her pregnancy.

  • Bad Intestinal microbes from increased usage of insecticides in the food chain.
  • Reactions to elements contained in vaccinations, genetic predisposition.
  • Others think their lack of emotional regulation from unstructured or inadequate supports in early development.

While many of these can be factors, from my vantage point the weight of that information constitutes at best 10% of the cases. Stopping at these concepts is simply too elementary in homoeopathy

Symptoms Of Autism Spectrum

Symptoms Of Autism Spectrum

Typically, individuals living with ASD have deficits in social, emotional, and communication skills coupled with obsessive repetitive behaviors. Autistic children have indeed been seen to develop the propensity of using numerous catchphrases at random, which they may have picked up from books or television. They are easily agitated by any alteration in their regular routine. For many people, routine gives a sense of security. People with autism spectrum disorder have different ways of:

  • Learning
  • Playing
  • Socializing
  • Paying attention
  • Understanding the world around them.

Autism symptoms can be recognized as early as infancy, and with the help of support personnel and proper adjustments, they can improve or reduce over their school years.

Homeopathic Treatment For Autism

Autism Homeopathy treatment

Homeopathy for Autism may help to alleviate the symptoms of autism. Autism is a disease of leaky disorder in the body, according to Pierre Fontaine, often known as the Autism Whisperer, although it affects so many multiple organ systems in the body.

He claims that the cerebral cortex is a major source of anxiety, rather than the physical body.

Around since about late 1990s, Pierre Fontaine has been investigating with homoeopathy and other medicinal substances to treat Autism problems. While autism is commonly thought to be a neurological abnormality, it could also be the result of a cerebral obstructions that stops a child from growing correctly.

Treatment By Pierre Fontaine

As for the reversal of autism in homeopathy, in contrast to most biomed programs, our therapy at Homeopathic Services involves teaching how to speak to a child on the spectrum with which leads to a better learning process and to increases neuroplasticity.

So all families should be ready to learn how to speak if they are to make progress with their child. The exercises are simple so that not only parents but also older and younger siblings and friends can help.

His experience has shown that parents, combined with the remedy and activities, are the key to success. He is one of the best autism consultant based in Neywork USA.

In some cases, children with severe brain injuries have seen development very well thanks to their committed parents. We also offer advice on the use of auxiliary facilities such as integration helpers.

Frequently Asked Question on Autism Homeopathy

Since at least the 1990s, I've been involved with his programme for treating Autism diseases with homoeopathy and other medicinal substances. While Autism is traditionally assumed of as a congenital disorder, it can also be an indication of an obstruction in the brain that prohibits a kid from functioning optimally.

As compared to previous neurological rehab programs, our homoeopathic autism treatment at Homeopathic Services emphasizes everyday routines with the kids.We know from brain research study that doing quick workouts many times a day improves the learning process and so increases neuroplasticity, or the ability to learn new things and remodel the brain.

To achieve development with their child, all families should be eager to do regular home exercises. The activities are basic enough that older and younger siblings, as well as friends, may assist.

My experience has shown us that parents, combined with the medication and activities, are the key to success. Whereas children with medium impairments remained at this level due to their parents' unwillingness or inability to begin a regular programme at home, patients with multiple brain injuries thrived owing to their dedicated parents. We can also advise you on how to use supplementary facilities like integration assistance.

We see the external cooperation with curative teachers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists as well as riding therapists and climbing therapy as a matter of course. Therapies that have been good for the children so far should continue to be integrated.

In homeopathy, there is no specific diet to treat autism. One can be on any menu. Homeopathic doesn’t exclude anything. It's just as critical to comprehend why diet has its limitations, and after obtaining appropriate homoeopathic treatment for autism, we strive for comprehensive recovery rather than symptom management.

There is one exception to this, and that is dairy. If a child reacts to dairy, then it makes sense you remove it entirely. But for the rest of it, the child should be able to get back on fresh foods without causing any problem.

It's not only a biological issue that food can't consistently reverse autism. A biological electrical matrix or field holds all stuff together. We need to go to the bioelectrical nature of a disease in order to eliminate it. What is the origin or source of all diseases? This is where homeopathy's autism therapy works. Homeopathy has a direct effect on the bioelectrical field.

It's not only a biological issue that food can't consistently reverse autism. A biological electrical matrix or field holds all stuff together. We need to go to the bioelectrical nature of a disease in order to eliminate it. What is the origin or source of all diseases? This is where homeopathy's autism therapy works. Homeopathy has a direct effect on the bioelectrical field.

That's why we often witness very rapid results since the remedy's precision cuts the disease's power or matrix, and that's it! An electrical field is the condition. The state may be toggled on and off.

I'd want to provide an example from the eighteenth century to demonstrate this. To light up a room back then, you required a lot of candles. “Oh, in a few years, all we'll need to light up a room is turn a switch,” someone could have remarked at the time. And this little, crystal object will enlighten the entire space

Rett Syndrome (RS) is a neurodegenerative condition that affects nearly exclusively women and affects people of all races and ethnicities across the world (International Rett Syndrome Association, 2005). The inability to execute motor activities is arguably Rett syndrome's most debilitating characteristic, affecting with every bodily action, including eye gazing and speech. Other diagnostic symptoms of Rett Syndrome include (International Rett Syndrome Association, 2005;

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, 2005c):

Childhood disintegrative disorder affects 3- and 4-year-olds who had grown properly up until the age of two." Over the course of many months, a child with this disorder's cognitive, social, and verbal skills will worsen from previously normal behaviour (U.S. National Library of Medicine 2004b). Children who appeared to be perfect before suffer childhood disintegrative disorder.

Children who appeared to be totally normal before suffer childhood disintegrative disorder. Language, social engagement, and frequently toileting and self-care abilities are lost, and there may be a general lack of interest in the surroundings. The child generally develops an autistic appearance, which means that the clinical presentation (but not the history) is typical of a child with ASD (Yale Developmental Disabilities Clinic, 2006). Affected children demonstrate a lack of communicative abilities, nonverbal behaviour regression, and substantial loss of previously learned skills. The symptoms are quite similar to those of typical autism.

Symptoms of Childhood Disintegrative Disorder may include (U.S. National Library of Medicine 2004b):

  • Social skills are deteriorating
  • Inability to regulate bladder and bowel movements
  • Language loss, either expressive or receptive
  • Motor skills deterioration
  • A lack of opportunity to play
  • Inability to form peer connections
  • Affectation of nonverbal behaviours
  • Lack of spoken language or a delay in speaking
  • Lack of capacity to initiate or maintain a conversation Disintegrative disorder in children must be distinguished from schizophrenia in children and pervasive developmental disorder in children (PDD). The lack of developmental milestones is one of the most critical symptoms of children disintegrative disorder (U.S. National Library of Medicine, 2004b). Through the ages of 3 to 4, the kid's growth is usually regular, but after a few months, the youngster begins to lose his or her previous abilities. Abilities listed above in Diagnostic Symptoms (e.g., language, motor, or social skills). Although the exact origin is uncertain, it has been related to neurological issues (Yale Developmental Disabilities Clinic, 2006)

A variety of ideas are being investigated by researchers, including the relationship between heredity, genetics, and medical issues. There appears to be a pattern of autism or similar impairments in many families, indicating that the condition has a hereditary foundation (National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, 2005a).

Although no single gene has been linked to autism, researchers are looking for abnormal portions of genetic material that autistic children may have inherited. Some infants appear to be born with a predisposition to autism, but researchers have yet to identify a single "trigger" that causes autism to emerge.

Theoretical Causes For Autism Spectrum Disorder

Though the causes remain a mystery, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) typically gets treated with Anti-Seizure and Anti-Psychotic Pharmaceuticals, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Speech/Language Classes. The approach also includes the use of supplements, antibiotics, and antifungal medications.

Because it impacts so many multiple organs systems in the body, my observation with autism therapy in homoeopathy is that it’s a disease of excessive imbalance in the body.

It’s a complete shambles. The central nervous system, in my opinion, and also evidently, is a major source of anxiety, rather than the physical body.

Problem With The Commonly Prescribed Treatments For Autism

The worst thing is that the kids suffering from autism are usually dictated to do certain things under current methods of autism treatment. That increases their pai, and that’s why, a lot of children go to therapy for particular types of autism treatment in homeopathy.

Many children can’t stay in the same posture for more than a few seconds if they need to sit down for treatment. That’s why you have an hour-long session with a therapist. It’s really inconvenient. However, it is the level of self-control that a kid need.

Recommended Games For Children With Autism

  • Sorting and Organizing Games
  • Memory and Matching Games
  • Stacking Objects
  • Stress Balls
  • Tactile Play with Kinetic Sand, Water Tables
Symptoms Of Autism Spectrum

Symptoms Of Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • No babbling by 9 months
  • No pointing or gestures by 12 months
  • No single words by 16 months
  • Lack of pretend play by 18 months
  • No two-word phrases by 24 months
  • Any loss of language or social skills at any age
  • Your infant or child resists cuddling and doesn’t respond to his or her environment or to other people
  • Your child bangs his or her head or demonstrates self-injurious behaviour or aggression on a regular basis

What are early signs of autism?

There are three distinctive behaviors that characterize children with classic autism. These youngsters suffer from social contact, have issues with verbal and non - verbal, and engage in repetitive activities or have limited, obsessive interests. The effects of the actions might be modest to severe. (Westling & Fox, 2004; Deutsch-Smith, 2004; Heward, 2006; Gargiulio, 2004) Other frequent signs of classic autism include:

Because it impacts so many multiple organs systems in the body, my observation with autism therapy in homoeopathy is that it’s a disease of excessive imbalance in the body.

It’s a complete shambles. The central nervous system, in my opinion, and also evidently, is a major source of anxiety, rather than the physical body.

  • Difficulty communicating needs; instead of words, utilises gestures or pointing
  • Difficulty connecting to and blending in with others
  • Does not respond to traditional teaching techniques
  • Does not react to verbal signals
  • Makes little or no eye contact
  • Is too or underly sensitive to discomfort
  • Does not react to verbal signals
  • Has hard time expressing and receiving physical affection
  • Has no legitimate fears of danger
  • Maintains inaccurate attachments to objects
  • Motor skills are unbalanced
  • Throws a lot of trantrums.
  • Prefers to be isolated and unapproachable manner
  • Reiteration of phrases and words in place of ordinary, responsive language
  • Stubbornness
  • Throws things