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(The early 20’s)

• Sinusitis
• Mouth sores

Pierre: Please tell me what brings you here?
“Two days ago my sinuses got a lot worse. I feel a pressure at the root of my nose and it seems like there is some swelling at night inside my nose. Everything becomes a lot worse when I lie down on my back. I also get this sensation of closing and opening of my throat. Oddly enough, it gets better if I breathe cold air rather than hot dry indoor air.”

Describe the symptoms a little more for me, please.
“Like I said, it is much worse when I lie down on my back. Last week the mucus was clear. One month ago the pressure in my nose kept waking me up. Now my nose stuffs up and then I feel quite irritated by it. There is no doubt that certain foods aggravate the whole thing. It is much worse when I eat creamy, buttery types of foods. I used to drink a lot of milk and I have been told I should cut it down now and I did but I would like to drink more. ”

How much milk would you drink, is it a strong craving?
“Well, I really have a strong desire for it, I drink over half a gallon a day. Cutting down on drinking milk has not helped the sinusitis that much. There is one other thing. If I don’t eat I get very shaky and irritated.”

You said you feel irritated when you don’t eat, what do you mean? Could you describe the feeling, please?
“I am quite sensitive about a lot of things I eat. I don’t like a lot of things. I have very basic needs in food and I keep it simple. I am also emotionally quite sensitive. I try to be careful and considerate but irritability certainly gets in the way.”

How long has the craving for milk been going on, please?
“For as long as I can remember. I had a good childhood but my family is not very close. Since going to college I haven’t had much contact with my family. My mother was mildly abusive, I got away from it all and I feel cut off from my family. The problems with my mother did not help; I thought she was being very unfair towards me. I should tell you that I am worried about being hurt. At times, I do feel like I am being hurt for no good reason. I always feel like I have to do a lot for everyone. Perhaps because of that, I get sick often. Sometimes I am sick for a full two weeks.”

Lac defloratum

FOLLOW UP: (6 weeks later)
Pierre: Tell me how you are feeling, please.
“I have been feeling a lot better. The acne is definitely clearing up, that is incredible because I’ve had it for so long. The fungus on the feet is also better but the soles of my feet have become rough. I don’t feel as angry as before. I am more like disgruntled at this moment. I don’t feel as reactive as I was prior to taking the remedy. Not getting hurt has always been an ongoing process for me. For some reason, I was thinking about my mother last week and I feel more forgiving towards her. I don’t know why that is but I don’t have the same feeling about the whole thing as I did before. There is something else I don’t know. I don’t have the craving for milk like I used to have. ”

OK, what about the sinusitis?
“The dryness in the nose is completely gone. I am sleeping well, I can’t even remember the last time I had a good night sleep before taking the remedy, it had not happened in such a long time. At this moment it is all a fraction of what it used to be. I do feel like my nose is a little bit dirty. I blow my nose quite a bit but it seems more like an elimination rather than an accumulation. I have not had any mouth sores.”




Acne is particularly severe on his upper back with pimples covering the whole area.

I have to admit that up to a few years ago skin conditions were always a challenge for me. For some reason I just was not getting good results. I even turned people with skin problems down. I don’t know why it was so because as you can see cases are always taken the same way. I just kept a small trickle of people and then my results started to change, something cleared in my head and now I have the same results as with any other cases. I still like autoimmune cases more; perhaps it is their complexity that appeals to me. I once heard Isaac Bergman say that a simple piece of music can be harder to play than a difficult one. This is very much the way it was for me with these cases.

Acne in this case was the main complaint but because the sinus was acting up at the time, it was first on his mind. This is a nice, simple example of hierarchy in the body. The acute condition temporarily diminishes the chronic condition. If all things were linear or equal as in the Western medical model this would not happen. The question then becomes why is the acne regressing when the sinuses are worse? The answer is that there is an order in the body regulated by the vital force. If disease were truly only a physical matter then such an instance would not happen. But disease is a result of the disorder at the level of the vital force hence when the vital force is expressing an acute condition the chronic is overtaken.
When people suffer from different conditions at the same time then all of them are co-mingling on a similar level, which is why one remedy is needed for all the conditions at once — they are all part of the general disorder.

This case is a perfect triangulation of acute/chronic issues and parenting problems. In life all three are dealt at different levels. The acute sinusitis is dealt with an OTC drug. A dermatologist treats the acne. The issue with the parents, notably the mother in this case, is dealt with in psychotherapy. With the homeopathic approach, which is the reason why I often use such words as “the beauty of homeopathy” or “the genius of homeopathy” is that the whole “triad” can be dealt with deeply and effectively. One cannot turn to psychotherapy alone to work this whole thing out; the follow-ups are proof of that in this case as well as in many other cases presented in this book. It doesn’t mean one should not seek to improve oneself further with the help of a professional but if the baseline is much as in Erika’s or James’ cases (see case studies) then decisions are made from a clear, rational mind rather than a cluttered, encroached one.

Lac means milk. In this case the strong craving for milk led me to think that the remedy needed was one of our many milk remedies.

Now he is talking about the acne and the family situation but not about the sinusitis. In other words, the hierarchy has been re-established and the whole condition is beginning to lift. Since it was prominent in the case I ask about it next.

The issue of the craving for milk is the same as in Danna’s case (see case study) where the craving diminishes dramatically after taking the proper remedy. When health returns, the craving diminishes and becomes more in line with the rest of the body as well.