Best Homeopathy Doctor

The goal of Homeopathic Services is to help everyone understand homeopathy and provide you with the necessary information to see a professional homeopath. It might come as a surprise to you that homeopathy is by far the most widely practiced alternative in the world. Western and Eastern Europe have long traditions, India and South America as well. China and Japan have begun programs. In the U.S. there were many homeopaths practicing up until the 1930's. Conflicts with various organizations brought it to its knees but like every good thing, it is back. So, rest assured, there are many millions of people throughout the world choosing homeopathy as their choice for good and effective healthcare.

Homeopathy Process

The process of choosing the correct homeopathic remedy (the simillimum), involves paying very close attention to all symptoms, no matter how insignificant these may seem. These symptoms and their unique expressiveness are the most important clues in guiding the choice of homeopathic remedies. The selection of curative substance is always determined by what is special or individual about the patient.

Each remedy is highly individual which is why I don't list the name of remedy in the cases I post here. Each person needs a different remedy perfectly chosen for the condition. The correct remedy promotes genuine healing by stimulating what homeopaths call the "vital force". This is not the mere suppression of symptoms which we often find with drugs, herbs etc... but rather the lifting of the whole condition which brought ill health, to begin with. Suppression can and often does have increasingly severe, even dangerous consequences for our health. We always look for, not only the illness to disappear but also other confirming signs of genuine healing (i.e. increased a sense of well being, symptoms disappearing in reverse order of their occurrence, etc...)

In the initial homeopathic case-taking interview, the patient has the opportunity to discuss absolutely all concerns related to his or her health. While listening, the homeopath takes special notes of the details of the condition's unique expressions as well as the likes and dislikes, fears, dreams, as well as the history of his or her illness. The essence of the case can then emerge, as in a detective story. When the core of the illness facing the patient is matched with the proper remedy unprecedented healing can occur.