3 Homeopathic Weekly Remedies for Flu

Though the flu season is not quite here yet, considering there are a couple of other epidemics it might be a good thing to be prepared with some homeopathic remedies. The winter might be a difficult one.



Chills up and down the spine and shaky. The shakiness is the keynote for Gelsemium. It looks quite a bit like when an actor plays sick in a movie. Feeling tired, weak. Not thirsty much at all. There can be bursting headache. Passing urine might relieve the symptoms.

Eupatorium perforatum 12C or 30C

The must see symptoms are severe pains in the limbs. The pain is as if the bones were being broken. The eyeballs feel sore. The difference with Gelsemium is the absence of trembling. The focus is on the bones.

Bryonia 12C or 30C

Is our third remedy on the list. Feeling dried out in the mouth and throat. There is tremendous thirst to quench the dryness. The person needing Bryonia does not want to move, they are irritable when you come in the room. There is a very strong desire to not be disturbed. They tell you to leave the room, they harshly tell you “leave me alone”. Don’t try to cuddle them!


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