Postpartum Depression Case 2

Postpartum Depression Case 2

This case study is an excerpt from Pierre Fontaine’s book “Homeopathy, Sweet Homeopathy: Coming Home to Perfect Health”. Find out more information including how to purchase a copy.

(Late 20’s)

• Genital herpes

Pierre: Please tell me what is going on.
“I gave birth at the 29th week, it was a normal birth. Now, I am starting to get pains in my stomach and I am not able to eat. I have a ball in my stomach and then I vomit. My father and my grandmother have the same thing. My father can’t take extra stress, anything out of the ordinary and we have stomach pain.”

Please describe to me how you are coping with this.
“I am forcing myself to go through stress and at the same time I am thinking of my father. Small things like taking the subway or driving somewhere in New York affect me terribly. For the last three years I have slowly been going downhill. I quit doing everything I do except for work. Everything has become very difficult to do and I just want to stay home.”

Tell me about these difficulties, please.
“I had the same problem when I was 17. I could not go to school; I could not even get out of my home. There were political problems with the school and my friends left me alone. One day, I could not even get up from a bench. I was completely alone; I couldn’t even get up. When I was in the hospital giving birth I couldn’t even scream while I was in pain. In the end, I just started crying. I was trying everything I could think of to get rid of the pain but it was the strongest pain I’ve ever had.”

Describe these feelings a little more for me, please.
“Now, when I see my daughter I just feel sad and I want to cry. The doctor is talking about postpartum depression. I feel a wave coming back and then I cry, I am very sad. I feel very fragile but I try to be tough. As a kid I used to be shy. Now this weakness that I had as a kid is coming back. It is a feeling of fragility as if I were made of glass, I could just break.”

Tell me about the feeling of fragility, of just breaking please.
“Now the insurance is calling because there was no approval for something. I know we don’t have to pay but still it is these ups and downs. Today, I felt some heaviness when it was raining.
Ten years ago, I was often sick with respiratory problems
especially with rainy weather. I couldn’t cope with work. What bothers me is that I got back to how I was feeling when I was a kid. I feel so fragile. I feel the same as when I felt with my mother except that I am the mother now.
I also have herpes outbreak in the lower back, genital area and on the lips. Of course it is worse after something stressful. After my hospital stay for the delivery I had five outbreaks on the lower back.”

Tell me more about being fragile, please.
“I also feel fragile when I go out of the house or if I have to deal with people. At home, I feel I am two people. I feel so separate from this kid. I feel I am weak but if I have to fight for somebody else then it is OK but fighting for me I cannot do it.
I have a memory as a kid. We went away on vacation to the beach. My mother asked me “Where is your beach ball?” I pointed to it and she said, “Go and get it.” A big girl was playing with it and I couldn’t ask for it. I felt the same way I felt in the hospital. I have always felt uncomfortable defending my interests. I don’t want to get in a confrontation. I feel I am made of glass and just one more thing is going to break me. I also get a foggy feeling in the heat. There is something shaky inside of me and then there is this heat in my body.”

Tell me more about the glass feeling, please.
“It’s not flexible. It’s not really alive. I hold things inside and I can’t get things out of me so I am static. I am inside this hard cover. I am not grounded. There is this cover and I am completely empty of energy and it is as if something hit me and I can break it. The same feeling happened in the hospital when I was tied up to the bed. I started feeling the weakness in my legs and hands and the feeling of being like glass gave me the feeling that I could not move or I would break.”

Thuja occidentalis

FOLLOW UP: (One month later)
Pierre: How are you feeling, please?
“I am feeling so much better. I am feeling normal. My depression is gone and the nausea disappeared two weeks after starting the remedy. The feeling of being fragile left about one week after taking the remedy. Stressful situations still make me feel a little shaky but I don’t feel weak. Actually I feel a little aggressive.”

Could you tell me what is going on physically, please?
“On the physical level I have not had any outbreaks of the herpes for one month. I have some shaking in the hands, that’s all. My throat became a little scratchy as I was getting a cold and I repeated envelop number one and the next day, I was OK. I also had some slight discomfort where the outbreak usually is but it never came out. I felt my body was stronger and could fight it.”

That’s all wonderful. What else, please?
“I had some pain in the ball of my feet. During the last month of the pregnancy my feet were swollen and a couple of weeks ago I felt a similar pain. I also had a fungal infection on the toes during the pregnancy, which was treated with medication. Last week it started bothering me again. It’s itchy and it is the same pain I had during the fungal infection.  The numbness and the feeling of being paralyzed in the feet are gone. I feel like I have some stuff coming out of my skin. I used to have this 15 years ago. It is itching but it is not much of a problem.”

You had to repeat the remedy, what was happening, please?
“It was a lung pain as if there were a needle in the lungs. I felt congested. When I get the flu or a cold I usually get some heaviness in the lungs and a feeling that I am retaining liquid. It is common for me. I took three pills from envelope number one and it started to improve almost right away.”


“Little by little, I have really regained a lot of energy. I have more energy than ever before. I had some skin issues when I last came to see you and now they have disappeared. The pain in the feet is a lot better. I am not feeling the lung pain any more. The stabbing pain and the congestion are gone. The depression is all gone. There is no pain connected to this memory. I have had a couple of herpes outbreaks in different places. The first outbreak was after a nightmare and I had another after getting chills. Over all they were much less severe than they used to be.”




I present this case because it is another example of what I call Vital Genetic or Vital Heredity (VH) as in Curt’s case of food allergies (see case). The fact that a similar ailment exists through several generations of a family does not mean it is doomed to be forever. Read on…

Understanding the way people cope or how they feel about their ailments is an essential clue to a good homeopath to find the correct remedy.

At 17 she “couldn’t even get up from a bench…” and in the hospital in childbirth she “couldn’t even scream…” The role of the homeopath is to understand the deeper sensation that ties the herpes and the depression.

“Tell me about being fragile.” In this example, I repeat the question several times. I often repeat a question many many times until I find the question has actually been answered. This is sometimes very frustrating to people. It is at times necessary to do so to get to the level needed to accurately recommend a remedy. Asking the same question here is helping to get a clearer understanding.

Having to ask for your beach ball is a common situation for any kid but the fact that the memory stayed with her throughout her whole life means that it had resonance with her. In other words, she was aware of her “weakness” more particularly “feeling as if she is made of glass” already back then.

Once we go deep enough, the root of the disorder in the Vital Force relates to all problems. The absolute root, the PEM (define PEM) is the meeting point; this explains why we give only one remedy.
In this case the sensation of breaking relates to many different stages of her life and situations. The sensation should not be confused with a feeling. The sensation is the inner experience that permeates through the body, emotions and mind.

I repeat a constitutional remedy for an acute condition much more often now. Most of the time it is much more effective than looking for another remedy.

She continues to be well, she repeats the remedy once every four to six months. One dose of three granules is enough. She repeats the remedy either when she has a slight sensation of weakness or when she has a nightmare.