Allergies: Hay Fever

Allergies: Hay Fever

Homeopathic remedies can alleviate hay fever episodes and turn the allergy
seasons into joyful days you can look forward to rather than consternation.
Instead of waking up to the morning news announcing that the pollen count
is higher this year than any previous year and wondering how long the
runny nose, watery eyes, fatigue, or even restlessness, caused by the
high level of histamine in your body are going to last, you will be able
to step out of your house and be part of the world.

You will confidently venture outside with your friends during lunch break
rather than eat by yourself at your desk and fill the trash bin with tissues.

Allergies are thought to be an overreaction by the body to substances
in the environment.

Most of us know about seasonal allergies such as hay fever, but there
are people who suffer from allergies so severe, they have to live in conditions
which preclude them from even reading a daily printed newspaper, the fumes
being too powerful for them. These people get little sympathy from the
outside world which believes their condition is more psychosomatic than
anything else.

As always, the homeopathic point of view is to honor the whole state of
the person rather than address only the allergies. Professional homeopaths
call this the constitution of the person, which can be corrected with
the proper constitutional remedy. Taking care of the person rather than
the disease is the beauty of homeopathy. Whether constitutional treatment
is sought or not, you can still use remedies to relieve yourself of these
debilitating symptoms.

Here is a list of the most common remedies for allergy episodes.

Once the episodes are relieved it is wise to seek a homeopath to address
the underlying cause: If during an episode you do not feel like
differentiating among these strange named remedies, give me call at (212)
334 7360 and I’ll take care of it. After all I love doing it!

As mentioned in the previous articles homeopathy is very precise. As you
read the symptoms of the following remedies you may think some of the
characteristic as quite odd. Indeed the homeopath always looks for what
we call the strange rare and peculiar symptoms. The reason for this is
that they define the person rather than the illness. Since homeopathy
is a science of individuality the SRP’s become extremely important.

Allium cepa 9C:

This remedy is for those who suffer from watery eyes and runny nose.
Both discharges are abundant. The nose runs “like a faucet”.
The differentiating factor to look for in this remedy is that only the
nasal discharge is corrosive, and irritates the skin on upper lip
and the nose within a day or two after the start of the allergies. Cold
water on the face brings immediate although short relief.


Euphrasia 9C:

This remedy has an affinity for the eyes. The nose may run but, contrary
to Allium cepa, the discharge does not inflame. Instead, the tears
are corrosive,
the eyes are much inflamed with burning and swelling.
There may be much sticky mucus, as well as a sand like sensation in the

Badiaga 9C:

Has profuse, watery, nasal discharge with sneezing. The nasal discharge
is irritating. This person is better with warmth as opposed to
Allium cepa who feels better with cold.

Ambrosia 30C:

Common hay fever symptoms. Tears and intolerable itching of the eyelids.
Burning of the eyes. Watery nasal discharge; sneezing. Wonderful for
spring and summer allergies
if other remedies do not fit.

Naphtalinum 6C:

This remedy has irritating discharge from the nose and the
eyes. Long bouts of coughing.


Sabadilla 9C:

Copious, watery discharge from the nose and the eyes as in the remedies
above. Spasmodic sneezing with itching of the roof of the mouth,
which compels the person to scratch it with her tongue. Over sensitive
to odors.

Wyethia 9C:

Hay-fever symptoms with intense Itching in the back of the nose
and the roof of the mouth. Possible tickling in the throat,
causing a dry cough.

Arundo 9C:

Similar to Wyethia. The hay fever starts with burning and itching
of the palate and eyes. Annoying itching of the roof of the mouth and
in the nostrils causing sneezing


Nux vomica 30C:

The person is highly irritable. Everything upsets him. The
discharge is dry during the day and watery at night but not irritating
to the skin. Very sensitive to odors.

As homeopathy concerns itself with personal symptomatology, I have had
people say that the simple act of paying attention to their symptoms in
detail has brought them closer to their bodies, a feeling of fostering
an understanding and recognition of the wisdom and intelligence within.
Whether you take a homeopathic remedy or not, observe and listen to your
symptoms carefully, this alone may help you grasp what the body is trying
to achieve.