Crohn’s Disease Case 2

Crohn’s Disease Case 2

In this case I was able to receive only a very limited amount of verbal information because of the person limitations with the English language.

Crohn’s disease for the last 2 years. The pain comes and goes but is usually worse around 2 PM after eating lunch. Feeling bloated afterward. The pain is better by drinking a small amount of Cognac.

He is quite restless at night which compels him to get up and take hot showers which relieve the pain. No pain in the morning.

Regarding the pain he says ” Sometimes I have to walk bent over. I can’t straighten up.” The pain is exactly in the middle of the abdomen. It is twisting as if a knot. He also has back pain.

“This all started because I wanted to be nice. I had a job and I gave a two weeks notice. When I told my boss he told me to leave right away. He told me to get out. I waited 2 weeks in my home for the other job to start because it is not good manner to tell them I am ready to work. I try to be right until the last minute. Everything was prepared according to my plan. I was trying to do the best I can.”

“May be the food is not right, here (in NY). This city attracts bad people and perhaps this is what is affecting me.”

Indeed the information I received was limited but there were a few physical symptoms that were clearly HIS own.

Restless at night
Pain around 2 PM, daily
Pain is better taking a hot shower
Walking bent over forward
Superstitious (NYC attracting bad people)

This is what the Materia medica (encyclopedia of remedies) says about the remedy I was thinking about:

Colic or abdominal pain compelling him to walk bent, (also Bell.) Contraction above navel, (also Plumb.) Bloated abdomen, after eating. EXTREME RESTLESSNESS, WITH CONTINUED CHANGE OF POSITION. GREAT APPREHENSION AT NIGHT, CANNOT REMAIN IN BED. Desires hot baths.


So the most accurate remedy was given.

1 month follow up:
“For the first time in two years I am playing tennis. I am feeling happy, no pain. Sometimes I get a little pain around 11 PM, I take a quick shower and it goes away. I have awoken up a few times around 3:00 – 3:30 AM feeling hungry. I get up, eat a little ice cream or drink some water and I go back to sleep. Sleep is very good. The pain after 2 PM is gone. Twisting as a knot in the abdomen is gone too. Abdominal distention is occasional after eating.

2 months after initial visit:
Reporting that some pain has come back after starting work. The characteristics of the pains had changed and so a different remedy was given.

5 months after initial visit:
Reported much pain and not feeling well. Feeling heat in the abdomen, as if a hot knife very close to the skin. Feeling that the mind is not working well. Feeling dizzy and anxious.

It is important to say that his daughter, who is a surgeon, argued with him that under no circumstances could anything be done for this illness beside surgery.

The remedy was changed again.

10 months after initial visit:
I have been well. “Abdominal pain used to be every day and now it is only on occasion.” No dizziness or anxiety. Had some extensive dental work done for which he had to take some antibiotic which make him have some abdominal contraction but the pain level does rise much.

Although this case remains open we can draw from it. “abdominal pain used to be every day and now it is only on occasion.” That’s a wonderful statement. Of course the Crohn’s disease could be in remission but remission had never happened before! So, if the remedy triggered that, well that’s a good thing and besides a partial temporary relapse he has been rather well since starting homeopathic treatment. But the key to know that the remedy is acting well is not only when the physical pain goes away but when the mental state and unrelated issues improve. That’s helping the whole person, this is wholesome treatment that will last for a long time. His fears have diminished greatly and so have his anxieties. So all in all much there i improvement and we’ll keep posting improvements.