It’s getting easier

So today I was done with a follow up and speaking with “mom” and I was feeling absolutely wonderful because the creative process is clearly alive and well. It works! Redos work beautifully well now. All the tweeks and adjustments are working toward full reversal and it was great to hear from mom (s). Yes!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Staying Focused

Last week posting about Oscillococcinum and Eupatorium perfoliatum was well heeded and bore fruits as several families shared that they were able to get rid of the flu very quickly. Under 24 hours!
My updated version of case taking is also bringing for the most part wonderful results. Interestingly the dosing has needed to evolve at the same time in order to keep up with the rapid changes that occur.
This is very exciting indeed. It is the biggest leap forward I make in a quite a while, the key to it is to never compromise and focus, focus focus.
By sticking to the highest principles, I am more convinced than ever that the wide majority of children can be reversed.

Two Homeopathic Remedies for Flu to Have

Hi all.
With the Flu wanting to snuggle with us and creates its yearly ravages (and make us wish we’d live on a warm beach in Brazil) I’d like to remind everyone there are two remedies (OTC of course) widely available you should all have on hand. Oscillococcinum, which acts best when taken as soon as the first symptoms come up. Follow the instructions but don’t forget the rest of the family. You should dilute one tube in 4 oz of water and give a tablespoon each twice a day for as long as the flu is in the house. If you missed/ignored those first symptoms and “Oscillo” does not help, take Eupatorium perforatum 30C (3 pellets) four to five times a day. For those who know sip dosing, do just that.