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The goal of this site is to help everyone understand homeopathy and provide you with the necessary information to see a professional homeopath whether one is in New York, the US or another part of the world. It might come as a surprise to you that homeopathy is by far the most widely practiced alternative in the world. Western and Eastern Europe have long traditions, India and South America as well. China and Japan have begun programs. In the U.S. there were many homeopaths practicing up until the 1930’s. Conflicts with various organizations brought it to its knees but like every good thing, it is back. So, rest assured, there are many millions of people throughout the world choosing homeopathy as their choice for good and effective healthcare. Read more >

MRSA Story

Recovering from Autism Using Homeopathy

ASD – Autism Spectrum Disorder: Classical Homeopathy Can HelpHomeopathic Treatment for Autism in NYC

Pierre Fontaine RHom has many successful cases treating and reversing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with classical homeopathy. This website offers many resources for those interested in homeopathy treatment for ASD including stories, support, learning, and news and events.

Autism has been at the forefront of medical news for some time now. The epidemic we are currently suffering from is truly mind boggling with the amount of children suffering from this illness doubling and in some places tripling over short periods of time.  Read more >